House Flip: Kitchen Remodel Happening

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We have been doing a lot of work at the flip and I have some picture updates for you. If you've been following this series , then you know that we have been working on this flip for several weeks now and are starting to wrap up some of the major components of it. Namely, the kitchen is starting to get addressed. I had to tear out all the flooring so that they could do some repairs underneath it to remove lots of dry rot and bad wood. Once that was done- it exposed some electrical issues happening behind the sink. It was a total mess and had to be completely redone. Once they started tearing into the walls - even more dry rot was detected and we saw that many studs and braces were missing too - someone did a real hack job on this place before we ever got to it. So the whole wall was opened up and new studs and braces were installed.

Here are some pics from it:


kitchen demo2.jpg







mess cleaned.jpg


wall covered.jpg

Everything is nice and clean - wires are cleaned up - all the maze of pipes are gone and we even have shut-off valves at the sink area now! All the right studs are in the wall and it's covered back up.

Next item on the agenda is the ceiling - they have already installed the can lights and we are going to be installing tin panels on the ceiling next. Stay tuned to see pics of it.


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It always blows my mind what people do to save money. Were the problems you discovered due to laziness or just trying to finish the job quickly?

I will look at your other posts because I am always fascinated with home repair.


We ask ourselves the same question all the time - this isn't even the half of it - I think it comes down to incompetence and ignorance - there are places where they cut into load bearing walls - they put a bathroom fan directly over the tub and shower, replaced 4x4 piers with stacks of plywood , etc. We have been doing a lot to undo many things around the place. I have several other posts that feature some before and after pics of the project if you're interested - just check out my page and you can look at them.

I definitely will check out your page. Thank you, @jorlauski!

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Good post