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RE: Softfork 22.8888 - Yet another DPOS Failure - Reaction

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Yeah, frustrating in a lot of different ways. Just when it seemed like the drama might be on the verge of dying down and we might be able to start looking towards the future and forward motion again... BAM. Seems like JS is his own worst enemy, this time. I can't imagine what he's thinking.

And the situational ethics of so many people on both sides of the renewed debate is just astounding. I could go find posts from people on either side of the debate after SF 0.22.2 and use them to support the other side today. Sad.

But I don't know whether I'd go so far as saying that it's a dpos failure. The argument could be made that stakeholder apathy doesn't make it centralized - as long as everyone has the opportunity to vote their stake. But this continuing series of moves and counter-moves definitely shows that dpos with these particular parameters is less than optimal.

The problem with DPoS == "People". ; -)


I've said before that although I love Dan Larimer's approach to consensus methods, I've always thought his view on humankind is a little too optimistic.

There's always this assumption that the more stake you have, the more skin in the game, the more your actions will be good for the platform.

It doesn't always work that way.

Hahaha, just that. A hybrid works better, where 'human' still maintains some value. look at the voting system on 'proof of brain' layer of steem or hive which has been its saving grace, there is something to learn there, that the governance layer isnt learning.

My thoughts now openly:

I couldn't agree more... It's a people problem. :)

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