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RE: Softfork 22.8888 - Yet another DPOS Failure - Reaction

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It has been interesting seeing you being explorative. I have a video due to illness i am usually disoriented but as the video went on, i started to get my bearing. It is a lengthy video to watch but in it, you can hear my views, me as a legitimate illiterate:

According to me, there was never an issue. This all wasnt a Justin Sun thing. It has always existed. It is a world thing. The strength of steem's POS or let's say its saving grace so far has been its 'prove of brain' element but this layer of it is potent when learned from or when mined to enhance code, than just use it as a reward-distributor. That was never its beauty. And the beauty of steem isnt in its use as a governance model or upholder of morality but this isnt only a case with steem, it affects the entire blockchain world till date and there is a lot to learn from steem but we dont tend to use steem say much for learning or say to gain insight into the true state of the world by virtue of its public nature and its proof of brain. blockchain makes bother much about using blockchain as a predictor; predict human behavior in a bid to curb it and starting from that premise....well, man can't rule man. Many of these things in reality are very simple but to see these things clearly, one may need to shed some of the known knowledge and look at it as a layman or woman. There is no issues here really, where one applies real life paradigms. Looking at someone's wallet to weigh their voice, if we want to replay that blockchain tech, blockchain will fade like techs before it. it is that simple. Where we use blockchain all over again to replay the dynamics popular by world standards, same tech, innovation etc in a bid to distribute rewards, blockchain will fade. where we use it to do what the conventional world does, set curriculums, innovations etc in place in a bid to remove value from human and distribute this value among innanimate things like money, career, luxry and well now blockchain as well, to where blockchain becomes 'the solution bringer', 'code is law' etc instead of it 'as a tool to return value to humans; once again we will trample one another for the tool, and blockchain will fade before it even blossoms. Where it is tension, rifts, competition again once again on blockchain, beauty of blockchain, decentralization etc will never be revealed to where it becomes indispensible by world standards. this is all beyond steem or hive. blockchain at large, all going through, seeking the next best governance model, seeking the perfect code, the flawless blockchain when in reality it will host humans and arent we with flaws. Looking at governance model even, that of steem or hive, a vote action is just boolean, static, cant capture enough in terms of context, intention etc information tangible for actual governance. it is even more static when it is entirely stake-based. for instance, 'the vote' of the governance layer compared with 'the vote' on the proof of brain layer, you will notice that 'the vote' on proof of brain does better in terms of dynamism. the vote itself is costly cos it depletes, it is right there on the Ui in our face, there is also a repuation factor, a proof of brain dynamics etc but you will notice that the governance layer and the recent treasury later as quite static. i would expect the treasury code to have learned something after all these years and perhaps be explorative in their approcach but we get too keen on predicting humans behavior, wanting to uphold morals as if morals is just black or white (there is grey in the real world) in a bid to curb or govern once again with the treasure fund. so it is very possible now that the fund has millions and doesnt accomplish much, cos it replicates the governance layer almost and is static, stake-based etc proof of brain has shown that people can play even where they dont have stake just on the sole fact that they are humans, they can 'proof brain' at least etc so that the impact of stake isn't everything. wanting to guard rewards alone and predicting that everyone is here for rewards, then you can't build code that moves or that can take cognizance of these other worlds. blockchain especially, one can be here for tons of reasons, even unheard of reasons than what is popular and well, oh people voted for an account and it is instantly predicted that they support ideals, when 'oh cant i just want to play with the vote button'; or do i even know of the governance model at all etc now exclusion list, prediciton make based on vote and vote is weak when it comes to governance cos it has no context. it cant capture it. perhaps even a poll along with a witness vote, with provide better facts around which to base governance on but are we looking? Truth is, many of these things arent issues. Why should one person say something and an entire community shakes. If i said the same things, would it shake say i have 100 sp? but can i have 10000 bitcoin and become whale tomorrow. these are very simple dynamics of real life that is easy to see. now if we are so shaky, that is predictability. one can just sit somewhere for months, look at steem or hive, create a stimuli and take over the chain, cos oh, we are so reactive. these things shouldnt shock, it exists in real life, there are worlds where these things are regular. now, in my case, did i look at a premined stake? no. it is stake based afterall. and if a Justin wants to use his stake, my job is not to govern that. it is staked based governance. i may decide not to play, play at a later date, by stake, rally people who have stake or not play at all. there are tons of other uses for steem or hive besides governance, tons and tons of use. i build all my project models from all the learning i got from here and it is just beautiful. yes it is public ledger but alas it also has a privacy or anonymity. can i grow so entitled to want each person to explain their actions, oh they can want to be private and where they do so, it has mostly be voluntary and can i be conclusive about intention? yes there is a public laedger but do i have details about the behind the scenes? I have said too much. I will pause. For once i am talking and i want to now, even though i had 4 of recent post downvoted some till zero. It is all beautiful. There has been so much learning and it is just beautiful. I am on both and i also started a witness on steem. it can be said oh, i want to participate in governance but oh 'how about i just want to run a copy of the blockchain and just play with it' or oh i just doing it for a witness to be up there saying 'everyone has something to offer'. This isnt something i would have done in the past but now i am going for it, for the sake of further learning etc

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