Supreme Court Refuses RBI ban of crypto

in #rbi3 years ago

Digital India || Digital India || Digital India || India is one of most crypto country in this world. India almost all leader try to remove all the money from poor people.

Government of India taking about digital India and not able to accept cryptocurrency. I am a indian citizen and I want to a capable india.

Even all the government employees are trying to timepass in office. RBI is not submitted been a single line report before taking this step.

So I request all the people of India do not put your money in bank account. One day your money will be useless. Is it a digital india? No we are creating a civil war zone. If people don't have work and working on new technology the old dumb indian government does not want to accept it. All things are worthless without my opinion. Any one can give me visa of any country. I want to leave india. Because we all are surrounded by dumb government.