Willy G - Steemit Rap Challenge Week 12 Entry

in rapchallenge •  2 years ago  (edited)

Shout out to everyone taking part again

I hope I can rank in the top 5 this week!

Im the new boss, I dont cook rocks, but Im from where
terrorist groups pop drug dealers in the kneecaps and shoot cops,
I should stop, but I wont, terrorist scaring americans,
kim jong un dog, duck in the bunker when the hip hop nuke drops,

believe it Ill leave you screamin good God! turn up the boom box
Ive got the work rate of 2pac , and I get higher than Snoop Dogg
Droppin the best flow, as strong as a shot of expresso
the sets dope, Im spittin mephedrone chemicals mixed with toxic meth smoke

fucking your eardrums through the headphones, willy is sick, flipping
the wittiest shit to the quickening tempo, killing this shit, put me on Death Row
Steemit Rap Challenge Champion will be written on my headstone
clutching my Bit Coin wallet in my dead bones, until then though, its in escrow

and Im dead broke as a joke I dont get though, this week,
am I taking an L bro, oh hell no! lets go,
you motherfuckers are funny as Chris Tucker, its the sixth wonder
the tit sucker that sits under bridges ducking big brother, the sick fucker

wrist cutter, make a tit stutter because theyre a shit fucker , watch
the prick suffer, your minds so dull it couldnt split butter
I fingered a bitch until I put a fist up her, made her lips shudder,
this numbers a hit brother, signing out, the result of a split rubber

Willy G

Heres the Studio Quality Recording of this verse for Free Download on my SoundCloud

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Usually you should wait until Friday to get maximum exposure.

thanks for the upvote bro! I will take heed of that and wait from now on, does the studio version sound better than the video? i changed up the delivery on a few bits

Yea the studio version did sound better. You have your own studio? BTW here is my review

I thought so, tried to do a video to the studio version but windows movie maker editing is too much of a nightmare! lol Ive got a microphone and a soundproofer thing, a laptop and abelton and my friend steve mixes and masters, not quite a proper studio but it does the job! Nice work on the review man , I really appreciate the feedback and pure happy you thought i channelled slim shady :)