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What is the Rap Challenge?

The Rap Challenge is a weekly Hip-Hop competition for SBD. I launched this initiative to help grow the Hip-Hop community here on SteemIT. There are tons of rappers here and there wasn't a specific contest that gave these MC's a chance to compete against one another. Battling is one of the foundations of Hip-Hop culture so it is only right to have a Hip-Hop battle contest right here on our favorite social media platform. IF YOU ARE A HIP HOP ARTIST ON STEEMIT THEN YOU SHOULD BE PARTICIPATING. LET'S ALL GET TOGETHER AND HELP GROW THE HIP-HOP COMMUNITY ON STEEMIT!


  • Upvote & Resteem this post (support good initiatives)
  • Every Sunday, I will post 3 new instrumentals for participants.
  • Download the instrumental and record a video of yourself rapping over it.
  • Upload the video and post it here on SteemIT with the first tag as #rapchallenge
  • Post your submission as a comment on the rap challenge blog submission post on Friday.
  • Videos no longer than 1 minute long.
  • Raps can be freestyles or written raps.
  • DO NOT alter the instrumental in any way.
  • Video MUST BE SUBMITTED every Friday by 11:59PM (UTC-4:00) (NYC TIME)



1st place winner = 5 SBD
2nd place winner = 4 SBD
3rd place winner = 3 SBD


Every Friday i will create a blog post and all the people who are participating in the contest for that week MUST post their submission as a comment onto that post. You guys also can post your video on your own blog, but in order for your submission to be judged, you will need to submit it directly on the blog post. Still post it up on your blog for your followers to see though, and don't forget to use the #rapchallenge tag as the first tag in your post.


This is a really cool idea. I didn't know there were a lot of rappers on steemit. I haven't seen many yet and I'm still new here. I look forward to hearing what's out there and learning about music on steemit. I appreciate your contribution to that effort and to hiphop.

Check my page out baby, i might be the greatest steem has to offer 😜

I followed and will check you out soon.

I don't know what that homie is talkin about .. I'm definitely the greatest steem has to offer lol.

I followed and will check you out as well :) I appreciate you responding to my comment.

Amazing Post Love You

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

yeaaah, let's kill!

you didnt read the rules..this entry will not be judged..

Video MUST BE SUBMITTED every Friday by 11:59PM (UTC-4:00) (NYC TIME)
Post your submission as a comment on the rap challenge blog submission post on Friday.

The rules are extremely simple...goodbye

Es decir , este viernes puedo publicarla en la publicacion de presentacion del blog?
Para estar atento y poder entrar en la participación, quizás la traducción se hizo mal, soy de Venezuela saludos.

Manin el vierne el hace otro post para la competencia. Te a delatante. U need to relax lol

I think u need to relax

Ah ok gracias, entonces lo comparto el viernes jeje gracias!

Oh snap .. I might have to lace up my battle rap boxing gloves again lol ;)

sig McAD.jpg

I think i got this, on time this week

I guess only rap in English counts :P