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"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you....without a dope beat to step to..."


The response.
Can also be found on Termite's challenge.

I’m a use small words so your dumbass can understand
Pillsbury dough boy, you ain’t even half a man
Beggin on my street, damn right your ass gettin flagged
Then Drop you like hot casings from a .44 mag
So Get off my dick I don't fuck whiny bitches
Split you so far in half your faggot ass needin stitches
Want to start dissin, mothr fukr I’m vicious
Get back in the kitchen n wash those goddam dishes
You ain’t shit, I wrote better lyrics than you in 3rd grade
They just pity your ass, so they get your votes and get paid
I totally dominate while you shamefully masturbate
I’m origi-nigga-nal, you just writin remakes
Is that enough retaliation - hell gnaw
They should hire your dribbly mouth to fluff porn stars cocks
Discksucking muthr fukr come and spit on my block?
Disrespect my Allies I bring out the tomahawk
Scalp your bitchass with my carnal rhymes
Then Crack your fukn melon open and devour your mind
Chinchecked you and wrecked you in every fukn line
Better show some respect, I’m the Apex predator you idolize

DAM.....Shit just got real. LMAO. Look man, it's all in the name f hip hop. So it's all fun to me. I like to see bars so i appreciate you and Ken for livening up "The cut". This is how we get down in these parts. Dope verses from both sides. I enjoyed them both.

Thanks bro, battling is how i started rapping, at school or at parties. I even had to throw my dick beaters one time cuz dude was so salty! Some people take it to personal, like you said it's all in the name of hip hop. Was this the first time two rappers on steemit went at it?

Round 1 💣💥💣💥

We dead'd the beef, but since you're a judge, who you think won?(i know your gonna say something about energy already)lol

Hahahahah you already know. I'm glad y'all squashed it.

I think we finally got a rap beef on steemit

Oh shit...So he flagged you? So much drama on this platform...


Brought back good times bro with that quote

DAM...POP Ya cherry, look at the stains on ya sheet. YOOO....LMAO...You my nig bro. LOL

lol thanks bro! yea i ask'd a person that, i follow/follows me to check out my got16 post and vote. But since it was on engine bitchy's post he got all butt hurt and flagged me! So i ether'd his bitch ass! LoL resteem, spread the word, rap beefs are always fun! One love

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