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in rants •  2 months ago 

Deez nutz, the only pair I can really understand
they stick with me , thick and thin
unlike so called friends
who seem to bend with the will of the wind
keep drifting, I live among tumble weeds
in the desert, isolation promised
despite the web of lies that have been causally weaved
I am too fly to get caught in that, promise
my word is bond and not given lightly
I use it to solidify , I use it when they say they might smite me
freedom of expression is owned by self, no need for approval
if my words offend, then double fucc you
i keep it simple, no need to decode my intentions
my heat is the sun, too hot , melt snowflakes with my reflections
dont search for upvotes or even mentions
empty pockets , yet I find ways to give to makers
i dont run with fakers
isolation promised
if the shoe fits..fucc you Cinderella

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Pleased to meet you nutzzz ;) noiw this was a rant of great standard ;)

I feel if it is a good rant, it should meet some standard. THANK YOU for your support!

They should have standards for sure , other vise just word pissing ;)
Your so welcome :D

Indeed, fine line between RANT and piss mouth, LOL. I think it matters about the conviction or intent. I try to be TRUE to what I say and stand by my word.

naa i see that line waaay clear LOL
It sure do, convition in the subject is what keeps you on key ;) the intent is what seperats it from a pissing match ;)
I second that, its a show of great character :D at least in my book; stand for what you do & say