Womens Rights? How far is too far?

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Today is going to be a short rant type of post. Really this post is the basis as to what is wrong with our society. If youre a feminist please read the following material. I am venturing off my normal beaten path, to post my rant. If it upsets people I dont care, I cant take anymore of this bullshit. I am tired of reading about feminism, tired of seeing the injustice.

Womens Rights

In the 90's, feminists began to shape policy in the Unites States. Sadly, they introduced legislation that really hammered down on families. First, for starters, introduction of child support. Second, introduction of child protection laws. Laws that deal anything with family nucleus in my personal opinion sets the stage for giving incentives to families that break the nucleus.

How far is too far in regards to women's rights? Husbands how hard is it to really treat your wife right? Is it that hard to be thoughtful, caring, in short a good partner? Is that what this is about? No, namely women are given preferential treatment over men in nearly every circumstance regarding finance and families. To an extent I can understand the logic behind an infant staying with their mother.. I can understand that. But if the mother is a useless drug addict that really neglects her child(ren) shouldn't she be on the hook, like other men (non-custodial parents)? Surprisingly, most women who have to pay child support are let off the hook, only 21% of non-custodial women have to pay.

I am bringing this up because of a recent publication I have read, where a woman raised her child (whom is now 52), put her through college, and everything. Sued her husband for 52 years of back child support. During the publication, she states "there is no statute of limitations for child support." Why is this? If a father has to challenge an order he has to do so in a timely matter, namely within 30-60 days. This is part of the problem with the child support system, is that the courts presumption that the father is at fault, when any dissolution of a relationship is the fault of both parties. Since child support officers are titled friends of the court say goodbye to equal protections and due process.

Another article I read was a couple while together stored sperm for future use, apparently there was some reproductive issues. Some time later, they split up, and she takes her ex boyfriend to court to sue him for the sperm then nails him for fucking child support AFTER he states that he is not consenting to that. What the hell? What the hell is wrong with the courts and the legislator? These types of issues are what is destroying opportunities for future families. Nobody wants the state in their family life, the state should never be in anyone's family life.

I keep seeing articles on drudge on how couples are having sex less, I keep thinking about how @practicalthought brought to my attention a whole community of people (MGTOW) that basically are trying to avoid this kind of bullshit. Look its simple if you have children, take care of them. Do the best you can. But dont produce the excuse "child support is in the best interest for the children." Because according to the FEDERAL GOV, only 44% of custodial parents receive child support. The states receive the other 56%, on-top of the federal match (66%) on top of the incentives that the government gives out for better performing municipalities.

Worse yet, recent studies have shown that the poorest non-custodial parents (slaves) are the individuals that have the highest amount of arrearages. THAT IS A DEBT THAT THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO REPAY. What happens is if it is not repaid, THEY GOTO JAIL. When they get out of jail, they goto court, then back to jail for non payment.

Ask yourself, especially if your a feminist, how far is too far? To what extent is slavery ok? To what extent is oppression, denial of equal protections, due process, cooperative agreements, ok? Its one sided, in favor to women. Which inequality is disgusting in my eyes.

This is not like my normal posts, I am ranting. I am still a happy father and husband to my family, so dont worry. But I see the plight of those who are less fortunate than I am, it is very hard to ignore. A guy from my work, almost lost his job because he was jailed numerous times for child support even though it was taken from his check. He had nothing, he wore the same clothes to work, often asking to borrow money which was lent knowing he could never repay. This is the problem with our society. This problem needs to be fixed, yesterday.


It is quite an odd time to be paying attention. I've been called a misogynist and then told the check my white male privilege more times than I can count on both of my hands by people who literally have next to zero original opinions. Just cause I call out the hypocrisy and ideology and those who represent it doesn't mean I carry some sort of hate for the opposite gender. I'm in a happy relationship with someone whom I'm about to be married to and we both have similar opinions and understandings of what a cancer modern feminism is to not only family models but women themselves as it's basically brainwashing them to make them easier to politically control. I mean going through Family Court as a white male you can definitely who has the actual privilege but bring that up just reverts back to being called misogynist or sexist. When the pendulum swings one way it has to come back the other way and sometimes what people try to pull off in their agendas can completely backfire.

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