Rando Thursday - Get a free randowhale upvote

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A wild rando in the deep ocean

Add your own votable post link in the comments, and get a slot. I will promote the posts by using @randowhale (Burning 2 STEEM for each post)

If you’re not aware of how randowhale operates, check this post.

Edit: 8x2=16 STEEM burned. All slots are allocated.


  • Controversial posts are not eligible.
  • If you’re included in STEEM global blacklist API, you’re not eligible.
  • Only 8 comments are eligible for this party. First come, first serve.

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Here's one I posted this morning as part of a daily series:

Curating the Internet: Business and leadership micro-summaries for October 24, 2019 - /@remlaps-lite/curating-the-internet-business-and-leadership-micro-summaries-for-october-24-2019


Sweet! Thanks


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This post has been upvoted by witness @untersatz. You've done a great job!
The @untersatz witness and manual curation is under the guidance of @contrabourdon and @organduo.

Thank you.

Go and burn for the music community Turkish Bro https://steemit.com/music/@uwelang/hivemind-communities-and-music-in-particular

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Done. You’re very lucky, you almost hit the jackpot with the %99. 😹

OMG OMG - thx mate, still no idea how #newsteem works but cool initiative, sure I have my votes on your witness still.

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Question. Would using randowhale be classified as vote selling?

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rando burns the steem (%100) so at the end of the day, it doesnt get anything in practice. It’s an experiment, and upvotes with a weighted random algo. Considering the upvote amounts are not excessive, I see it as a fun project and wouldnt classify it as vote selling.


I missed this time.My bad luck.Very good support by you dear.

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