What a day!

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After not checking the markets for 2 days I open Blockfolio to be greeted by a sea of red.

After that I open my Trading accounts to see which orders have been filled and it was pretty much all of them.

While I am far from buying the bottom I think in some projects I got in cheap.

But maybe in a week I will be hoping my entry price would have been my stop loss.

But the last couple of months have really shown me that it is probably a good idea to hold a xx% of your portfolio in fiat to be able to capitalize on such dips.

While I am quite happy I diversified a bit into precious metals I cant really buy anything with fiat atm.


But who has this much fiat anyway :-)

After 1 year I still underestimate how deep a coin can fall but also how fast a coin can rise again.


Pretty much same over here xD Started with cryptos during the great fall early this year and learning now how treatcherous those waters are.

The truth is that yes @flipstar, my eyes only see red! my Blockfoliois almost crying because it is a little empty.
to one like that he likes adrenaline, because the market is so volatile and still does not stop buying the cryptocurrencies

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

and ya just about to make it a great day!!!

ja, das tat mal wieder gewaltig weh. Hab gestern aber auch eingekauft, leider ein wenig zu früh aber zum glück nir mit einem drittel meines fiats! 😉

I’m gonna transfer more of my crypto to open ledger and transfer in and out of the dollar tether or yuan tether. It definitely can help you grow your crypto holdings

DON'T send to Open Ledger right now until their hack is resolved. Check it out.

I didn’t hear about that - thanks for the heads up !

Yeah - mission critical to NOT log in at all per OL directive. Hacker phished and stole tons of $$ within the last week or so. They have to let you know when it's clear to log in again. Confirm this, but Bitshares appears to be a safe entry point through their exchange.

This always happens to me , I buy thinking it can’t go any lower , then life hits you and it falls more . But never miss an opportunity cor investment

That dip in the bitcoin was close to a heart attack hahah what will happen next is uncertain phewww

That is why I am only looking and taking no action.