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Steemit just marked it’s first year anniversary recently, there have been a lot of changes and correction made on the site which is still in beta, all this would have not been easy if there were no persons observing going-ons on the site finding what works and what doesn’t.
This is the first steemisode of The Rainmakers, our guest today is @eroche who is championing the need of a Steemit Census, this is not a strange request as people like me have seen the need for a Census, this would no doubt help in knowing the spread of steemians all over the world and also help the Steem Team know the best ways to approach Marketing.

Ogochukwu: Can you tell us your name and where you come from?

Eroche: Hi My name is Edward Roche and I am from Ireland.

Ogochukwu: How did you learn about steemit?

Eroche: I came across it just browsing the internet when I was searching for some article. I took no notice but it came up again and again over the months. When I finally took the time to understand what it was about and sign up I became very interested.

Ogochukwu: What is your thoughts about the recent hard fork and its effects on steemit and steemians as a whole?

Eroche: Only time will tell. Change can be good and it’s great to try things out, to see what works and what doesn’t. We are still in Beta. I would like to see clearer targets, goals, timeframes and what sections of the community are likely to be affected in advance of changes.

Ogochukwu: You current project involves conducting a census here on steemit, how and why did you come up with the idea?

Eroche: I am curious about where Steemit is used, and how it's growing. This data is not easy to get and inspired by crowdsourced initiatives such as @steem-community, @lovejoy, @gavvet, @originate . I thought it would be great to get Steemians involved to build a map of Steem around the world. I am not the first person to try this, and I will build on the efforts of others and incorporate as much information as possible into the final analysis.

Ogochukwu: In what ways do you think that the census would help in championing the growth of steem/steemit?

Eroche: As @lovejoy commented in another post “On Steem, we have the capacity to be truly, voluntarily informed, and engaged with one another”
To add to that I think over time it will be encouraging for people to see how Steemit is growing, and where. It may even encourage communities to grow offline which will feed back initiatives, ideas and even businesses into the Steemit ecosystem.
It will help authors understand about their reader base to give them content they want.
It will help inform the marketing team about where to direct resources and potential investors and users to see What is Steemit.

Ogochukwu: What are your thoughts about the three growth related priorities being run by the steem team which is led by @zurvanic and @andrarchy ? i.e. communities, effortless onboarding and Mobile application

Eroche: Great initiatives and exciting times are ahead for Steemit. If the onboarding is simple, the applications are slick and communities grow there is no stopping this Steem train!

Ogochukwu: DO you have any advice for young steemians who just started blogging on the platform?

Eroche: Stick with it. You can learn from others by seeing what works for some of the successful authors. Reach out and make connections. Having said that there is no right or wrong way. You don't even need to write, contributions by voting and comments are also extremely valuable to the community.

Ogochukwu: You must have come across quite a lot of posts and comments. Who are your favorite authors? And your best post?

Eroche: It’s hard to choose one. Steemit has great content on may topics, travel, technology, crypto, health, art, food. There are also new people coming every day so check out the new feed and the promoted feeds.

@steevc does a follow friday slot where he regularly calls out authors that are worth a follow

@thecryptofiend writes consistently great posts about health, life and photography

@gringalicious for all those food lovers, mouth watering recepies and decedent photos which will make your tummy rumble.

@timcliff for all things steemit related. He is my favourite witness. Very open and helpful.
Ogochukwu: Thanks you for coming on the show especially as this is the maiden edition, it was nice having you.
Fellow steemians if there is anyone who have impacted you on steemit give him/her a mention in the comments, mine is @papa-pepper

Thanks everyone for reading, from the host @ogochukwu, If there are any thoughts you have to share feel free to comment below.

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Thanks for having me @ogochukwu and promoting the Steemit Census initiative. I love the format of the show.

I have gotten great feedback from many countries. I will post in a few days with the initial feedback but I have also gotten some great suggestions from people on ways to expand the Census to include data from other sources. This will take some time to put together but I am hopeful that we will get a great picture of where Steemit is used across the globe.

It's not too late to participate. For further info https://steemit.com/community/@eroche/a-steemit-census


You are welcome @eroche, community builders like you have to be encouraged

@meesterboom makes me smile all the time))). I admire art by @edgarsart. @everlove impacted me to develop. @jamtaylor's challenge made me to buy a camera and start photo classes (Will start next week). I will think about more people. There could be a looong list.


What an amazing circle of gratitude



Great interview. Love the format and design of the page too.

Many thanks to both of you.


Thanks @samstonehill for dropping by and your kind words

Great new format my friend! Was a pleasure to read!


Thanks for reading @uwelang