I left everything I had on the course...

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This is me, and my look, after giving 110% in my recent warrior dash competition. I left everything I had out on the course. The feeling of pushing yourself to your limits hurts extremely badly, but the satisfaction of knowing you gave every ounce of energy, is even more satisfying. I am beginning to love, more and more, the push and grit it takes to exceed my very own expectations. There is something so rewarding about this feeling I simply cannot explain through writing. I will continue to push myself further, and ultimately see where it takes me. I am trying to find more spartan competitions in my area to compete in, as this has now quickly become a new passion of mine. On to the next, 🏁🥇👣🙌🏼

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I have always been interesting in just watching one! You need to share the details buddy!

They are so much fun, seriously! I placed first in my age group (20-29) and 5th out of 354 total runners with a time of 28:27 👣🥇🙏🏼💪🏻

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Nice body

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Thank you boss man 💪🏻

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