Not a problem at all, we received your registration and registered you as a member. =)

Welcome to Q!

Apologies for addressing you directly via this reply note. I do so because of the reports on this page, including one just four days ago, about people having trouble finding @scrooger or @gingerninja on discord.

I should be very grateful if you would review my blog at , and my long comments at , and at .

The niche that I will be developing is not that of posting multiple blogs. Instead I will be trying to engage with the authors of blogs in efforts to try to add value to what they have contributed. I am coming from another writing community with a lot of experience - books, etc.

Hey there! We have looked at your blog and the info is pretty good but we need to see some more blogs before we can accept you as a member. Also looks like you posted the same blog twice...?

After a few more posts we could look into accepting you, but for now there just isn't enough content to make a solid decision.

I posted the blog twice because that was the only way i found to change the erroneous lead tag "stm" to "smt".

I am not really into blogging, as noted earlier. If you glanced at my long comments on other peoples' posts you will see that several of them are just like blogs that people post. (E.g., look at this commnt I contributed this morning: ).

I don't want to set up my long comments as blogs because I am trying to add value to the information package that comprises the author's post plus the comments. What proportion of commentators are being driven by this concept?

Anyway, I expect to do another community-service post late today. Please tell me how many posts I should make before asking you to look at them again. Thanks in advance.

Understood. Saw your new post, looks good. If you keep it up at that rate then it's all good and we can register you for Qurator.

Thank you for your encouraging comment.

I want to share with you something that is emerging in the responses to my posts, and which I find fairly sad. Both of the posts you saw are evidently community-service posts. I’m not looking for people to respond to me, in writing them; but I was hoping that the posts would trigger exchanges of messages (discussion) among the community members.

My second post has been up for about 16 hours and the total responses come from two robots!

I can see that one factor in the situation is the speed with which a new post goes off into ‘ether’ seemingly forever, and there is nothing else in the Steemit software to bring to authors’ attention the fact that something has been posted that might be interesting to them.
I would love to contact these people and tell them myself; because engaging with them is far more important than being paid a couple dollars for three days of work.

My disappointment in the emerging situation (re. my posts) is deepened by the fact that when I went to bed last night I noticed that approximately 35 minutes after a new post was uploaded by a “YouTube Giant” he had 68 views, 215 up votes, and an interim payment of $70 plus. Similarly, a few days ago another “YouTube Giant” uploaded about 5 paragraphs from a piece he published in Wired, and he gave us the link to go over to Wired and see the whole article. It was not more than a few hours after the upload when I saw the piece via the Trending menu, and there he was shown with a payment that exceeded $700!

I have no jealousy about these payments, as I am not here in search for money from Steem Inc.; but I am not happy about the amount of green content in what the YouTube Giant posted at Steamit in those 5 paragraphs. I have the same issue re. lack of green content that brings value into the community with the payments flowing to the up-load from another YouTube Giant last night.

Is the incentive system here all about ‘earning dollars’ (I know, an exaggeration but not by much it seems) by bringing hordes of followers over to the Steamit web site?

Most of these giants have established themselves in the Steemit community and have made some friends with large upvotes. It takes a lot of posting consistent good quality content to reach those levels.

If you are new I would suggest putting in a lot of work, but not days of work. Be good and get the followers and voters. With time they will come and your posts will be more appreciated.

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