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What, or maybe I should say who, is a “Shooting Star”?

Let me explain... In @qurator's continued dedication on showcasing its members we recently started a weekly feature called the Shining Qurite , where we feature a few recent quality posts from one of our selected members who show exemplary commitment to the platform, engages with other steemians and shares valuable and extraordinary posts to the community.
But you are newer to the platform, have less than or right around 100 Steem Power and are looking to further advance and get noticed... so, how can you do that?


Every Sunday, @goldendawne will be featuring a Qurite who has been dedicated and posting consistently but just can't get the recognition he or she is seeking and deserving of. The Shooting Star will also receive extra rewards from Qurator for the next week. They will be upgraded to Tier 5 if they are not already in Tier 5. With the Tier 5 upgrade they will also get bonus upvotes from:

@qurator 5%
@qurator-tier-0 10%
@qurator-tier-1-2 10%

So keep posting quality writing and images (that are sourced properly) and you may find yourself in the SPOTLIGHT of being the next Shooting Star!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:

Qurator's SHOOTING STAR Of The Week!

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Italian Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Stuffed Bell Pepper is one of the dishes that I love to make specially during Autumn and winter. I first tried this in an Italian restaurant few years ago with our friends and when I love a dish that I’ve tried for the first time, I always want to make it on my own

Ulog Travel: Benidorm, Spain- Fiesta: A Fiesta For The Saints

Yesterday was fun for me because of the annual fiesta in the neighboring city of Benidorm and we’ve watch the colorful parade and grand finale fireworks.
The celebration is an honour of Benidorm’s Patron Saints, the "La Virgen del Sufrage” and ”Jaime Apostol”. If your in the area, you can see images of the Saints and flowers that sorrounds the churches

Ulog Weekend: Fitness & Food Experiment Kind Of Day

It’s my first time to made spicy tomato ketchup from the ingredients that’s only available in my kitchen. It’s for the roasted spicy ribs for our dinner and it actually turns out good. I like it when I experement something and the outcome turns out good

The Shooting Star Wall of Fame

Since we will be featuring a Shooting Star each week we are going to start the Shooting Star Wall of Fame where all the featured members will be placed. We think this will be a great place for new steemians to find great authors who are also starting their awesome steemit adventures. If you are a Shooting Star, feel free to use your badge in your posts, you deserve it. =)

Congratulations @joyrobinson for being our 20th Shooting Star!

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The Qurator project is brought to you by:

@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @brumest | @stresskiller | @blacklux

For more information about the Qurator Project and how to join click HERE

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Omg! 😍 I didn’t see this coming.
Thank you so much for this appreciation @goldendawne @qurator.

This is so inspiring!
Congratulations to all shooting star.
More power!

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Congratulations! You totally deserve it :)
Enjoy your special week :))

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Well done @joyrobinson! You are shining bright :) Your food looks delicious!

So cool to have amazing support for hard working content creators.

Congratulations @joyrobinson lovely presentations of content.

Congratulations @joyrobinson, very well deserved :)

Congratulations! @joyrobinson

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