Tasty Tuesday on a Wednesday - Lemon & Herb Gammon Tagliatelle

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I love cooking and eating, so naturally when I came across the Tasty Tuesday Competition by @qurator I had to join in on the fun!!!

I give you my new recipe for lemon & herb gammon tagliatelle


I'm not a big fan of cooking from recipes. I like to wonder on the wild side and just do my own thing and that is exactly what I have for you today, let's jump right in!!!



  • Half a cup of Gammon
  • 1 Lemon (we will be using the juice of one halve and some peel)
  • 1 garlic clove Garlic/teaspoon of shop garlic
  • 1 Handful of Fresh Parsley
  • 1 Heaped table spoon of fresh Origanum
  • A quarter of an Onion (equal amount to gammon)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 100 ml Cream/Milk
  • 100 ml Water (For sauce, the water for the pasta depends on your size pot
  • 1 Ball of Tagliatelle pasta (Want to make it fresh? Check out my recipe for homemade Tagliatelle pasta here.
  • Half a teaspoon of Corn Flour

(These amounts are for my person taste buds, feel free to use less or more depending on the flavors you like/dislike. Also white wine goes really well in the sauce instead of water but I don't have any at the moment.)

Step 1

Cut the onion and Gammon into small squares. Dice the parsley, origanum and garlic (Leave a branch or two of the parsley for decoration). Cut shavings of the lemon peel and dice.


Step 2

As always get some butter into that pan, this can be substituted by oil/margarine but I prefer butter. (Now is a good time to get a pot on the stove with water, salt and a touch of oil so that it can start to heat up until it reaches a boiling point.)


Next, throw the onion, garlic, parsley and origanum into the frying pan and mix.


Leave it on a low heat to brown and shake/stir every now and then.

Step 3

While we wait on the onions, take the gammon and throw the diced lemon peel on top with a generous amount of salt and pepper.


Then mix it up like a rub and leave to rest.


Step 4

The water should be boiling by now, but before put the pasta into the water taste that it is salty enough. Because the pasta will only be in the water for a short while you want it to be super salty so that the pasta can take it in. (If you are using shop pasta it doesn't need to be as salty as it cooks longer, this recipe is based on using my homemade pasta.)

Put the pasta in the water and let it start cooking.


Step 5

The onions should have developed a nice colour and taste by now so take it off the heat and then add the gammon.



Mix it around and then add lemon juice. It should be very zesty. When we add the sauce it will dull the flavours a bit bringing everything into balance.

  • Side note, I take the pan of the heat due to the small size of the gammon so with the remaining heat and acid from the lemon juice it cooks through even though it's of the heat, otherwise the meat tends to dry out and become tough.


Step 6

Pour some of the pasta water into the pan and put back on the heat.


  • Side note, pasta water contains starch that helps thicken up your sauce.

Add the milk or water and let it start cooking on a high heat.


Step 7

To help thicken the sauce take the corn flour and put it in a glass with some tap water.


Mix thoroughly and then add tp the frying pan.


Step 8

The pasta will be cooked by now, strain and add to the plate. I like to make a little bowl in the center were I then put the sauce mixture.



Step 9

Turn the heat off of the frying pan and stir, the sauce should have thickened up a bit, we don't want it to be too thick as we want a light and refreshing meal.


Step 10

Last one on the agenda, add the sauce mixture to the pasta, decorate with the fresh left over parsley and sprinkle with black pepper. There you have it, melt in your mouth tagliatelle pasta with a light and refreshing lemon & herb gammon sauce.


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Great and easy explanation, and end result looks tasty! Upvoted!


Thank you @ambr.global, I don't see the need for intricate and extensive recipes as it usually pushes people away from cooking. Next thing you know everyone is sitting with take aways hahaha.

Looks very creamy and tasty.


It is very tasty, but because I don't do a proper white sauce it isn't to creamy as the appeal of the dish for me is that it is light and refreshing.


I can't take too heavy kind of white creamy sauce, makes my stomach gassy later one. I would prefer it light.


I don't min creamy sauce but it's really hot at the moment so the two don't mix well for me.


Hahaha... I like them hot, cold creamy pasta taste... hmmm...

Now I have no excuse not to try making the pasta and the sauce, it appears you and @fionasfavourites are enjoying similar meals at the moment. Well done with detailed preparation, looks simply delicious @p1eter


Thanks Joan, I'm sure you'll make a great tasting one. Maybe I'll even start a doing them in video format if interest starts picking up?


Ja! @joanstewart let is know how it goes!

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Wow! I think that even I can make this (maybe). All strength to you in the competition my friend!


Thanks @papilloncharity, I think everyone should try making it and post their end result here, maybe I'll even start a little competition where people should make my dishes and the best one gets a big hug, because that's all I have to give at the moment :)


What a good idea! A friend @braaiboy is also running his own competition and the thing about competitions is that it gets your name out there! @lizelle is also a great cook and I know that she enters some of the food competitions. Maybe you should visit her page @lizelle and have a look! Blessings!


Yeah @p1eter, like @papilloncharity says, entering (and even more so, running) competitions is a great way to gain new followers.

P.S. Before you do decide to host one, hit me on on discord though!
I know of a couple great places to promote your competition on discord servers.
I ran a 10 STEEM giveaway for my first comp (when STEEM was at like $5) and got 2 entries I think :P #EpicFail

Nowadays I give away @SteemBasicIncome shares (which benefits you as well as the person giving them away) as prizes, and with STEEM @ ~$0.30 ... that's near nothing... even in worthless ZAR terms :-)


Side note, pasta water contains starch that helps thicken up your sauce.

I did not know that (in my defense though my stove only has 2 working plates and doesn't ever get used for anything except bacon and eggs)... thanks either way for the tip... sure I could use it on the braai at some point!

P.S. If you're still reading and have any recent braai pics handy... head on over to (https://steemit.com/teamsouthafrica/@braaiboy/meatymondays-28-jan-2019-win-upvotes-steembasicincome-and-incinboost-shares) ... I give away @IncinBoost and @SteemBasicIncome Shares and a real-world Jimmy's Sauces hamper every week.

Good luck in the comp! You've got some great content going, so even if you don't win the comp, you're going to (eventually) make a lot of new friends here on Steem. Keep on Keeping on and it will pay off eventually!


Hey hey there, I don't have braai pics but I have a steak that needs to be braaied ;). Will definitely be in contact if I host a competition. Also about the starch it works the same with potatoes so if you do a potjie and potatoes you can pre-cook the potatoes in water to get the same effect as pasta water ;) #thickenupthatpotjiesauce


See! I told you he was a good guy and @lizelle will also be of benefit to you with the food things!


Ohhhhh yeah I like that sandwich competition she resteemed looks yummy. I saw her post about the tartlets as well earlier the week and it brought back some good memories :)


Thanks a mil, yeah I know the guys from @braaiboy, we usually camp opposite them on our yearly pilgrimage to Strab Festival in Mozambique. Will definitely check out @lizelle.

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This looks really tasty. Thank you for the instructions.


Only a pleasure, swing by again for some more yummy food things 😉

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