Making home made pasta from scratch

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My favourite type of pasta is tagliatelle and today I'm going to show you how to make it from scratch.

Ingredients for this is quite simple. Flour and eggs :)

I use a general rule of thumb, one egg per person eating pasta. In my case I'll be doing six.

Let's get started shall we?

Step 1

Step one is to pour your flour on the counter and make a circle on the inside, the amount isn't specific, just make sure the wall of flour is high enough to make a bowl in te middle. Add your eggs into the center of the flour mixture.


Step 2

Let's get going, now that you have you eggs and flour on the counter, use a fork and gently start folding in flour from the side into your eggs.


  • Side note, if the flour starts to make lumps in the egg mixture don't worry you will be kneading the dough a bit later on.

Keep repeating the process until the egg mixture starts forming a dough firm enough for you to handle with your hands, then separate your dough and excess flour from each other.







Step 3

At this point the dough will still be very wet, so as you start kneading the dough constantly powder it with a bit more flour. The kneading for pasta in very simple. What we will be doing is a simple tuck, roll and rotate movement.

So firstly roll it forward with your palm so that it is no longer a ball shape. Now we begin, pull the top piece of the dough back like this:


Then just roll the dough forward with your palm:


Finally rotate the dough and repeat the tuck and roll until you have a soft and smooth dough.



You should be able to press a finger on the dough and the when you remove your finger the dough should puff up again.

Step 4

Put your ball of dough under a cloth to rest for at least a half an hour.



Step 5

Roll your dough out in length and cut into pieces to the total of your eggs (6 eggs, 6 pieces)


Step 6

We will then start working it through the pasta machine. Starting at the thickest setting all the way to the thinnest, alternatively you can roll it by hand if you don't have a pasta machine and then cut it with a knife.

Using a pasta machine everything is pretty much just roll through except the first thickness. With the roller on its widest setting roll your dough through:



Then take the top and fold it in so that the dough is halved:



Then run through the pasta maker again with the folded side going in first.


Continue running all the pieces until you are left with long strips of thin sheets:


Step 7

After you have run all you pasta through attach the tagliatelle fitting and run through again. Take all your strips and hang them over a rack. I use a pole over a counter and a chair and it works perfect. Once again if don't have a pasta machine you can just cut it with a knife but it would be a bit challenging.





There you have it, now just time to through it in the water. Fresh pasta cooks a lot faster than shop pasta so keep an eye on it. General cook time is 5-8 minutes. As easy as that, melt in your mouth pasta in a quick few steps!!!

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Awesome, not something I have tried @p1eter


There you are @joanstewart! @p1eter - as a rule of thumb, I use 100g flour to 1 egg. And I find that that makes enough for a meal for the 2 of us - with a side salad, of course.


Having read @p1eter on how to; found your content and smiled thinking one thing I have never done! Perhaps safer doing what I know best @fionasfavourites


@joanstewart it's always good to try new things :), thanks @fionasfavourites, I'll give it a go and see how it works.

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Look really simple, but I will need to get the machine first...


I have made it without the machine before, it's just a lot more work then?


I might make it thick and ugly... hahaha


Well if you do, post a photo of it here :)


Sure will!

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I do love fresh pasta! It's been awhile since I made any. Thanks for the reminder of how easy it really is!


Hi @melinda010100, it really is quick and simple and the taste and texture is so worth it. I make pasta and with the left overs I make lasagna sheets so it's two birds with one stone and so much better than shop bought sheets.