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RE: Standard Image Sourcing for the Qurator Project

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What happens when you use a picture from a royalty free and zero-attribution website like pixabay and then modify it to suit your needs?

Do we need to attribute the final image, because it's now a brand new image and has had creative input.

Another example would be using public domain clip art to develop the final artwork.

I always link back if I've just slapped someone else's picture up there but are more casual when I've created images from others freely available and without needing attribution.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Lets put it in a very simple way, if the image is not yours (modified or not) you always need to source it. Otherwise how can we, or any other project, verify that it is indeed a free to use image?

I use canva, and they say you can use the free images in their files without attribution when you use them on social media posters or for any other reason.

@fitinfun Attribution is different than sourcing. If an image is free to use you indeed don't need to attribute any type of credit to the original author, BUT you do need to link it back (source it) to the page where you got it from, otherwise we will not be able to verify is it is a free image or not.

If we make a reverse search and find the image online and not sourced we will handle it as stolen content.

I will have to take my chances and see what happens on that one. I'm definitely not linking all my posts back to canva.

Here are a couple of examples from recent posters.
colorchallenge wednesdayyellowdragosroua challenge fitinfun 30.jpg

fitinfun How to make money as a new minnow on steemit 2.jpg

I am a photographer and normally only use my own photos. But I will use canva for something like the depressed looking guy since I have no photo like that. I also use that fish on all my minnow tips posters. If it becomes a problem, I will stop using canva images and use my own or none.

canva also has graphics:
Work music get things done fitinfun steemit.jpg

I do not source or attribute these either and I use them more frequently.

We obviously can not obligate anyone to source, even if it is the correct thing to do. In the end of the day the only thing we can control is what type of content will be supported and upvoted.

I have been posting canva posters for years and this is the first I have heard of this requirement on any platform. I guess I will have to wait to see what happens with your searching. I know canva buys all rights from their contributors.

As I said above, if we perform an image reverse search on one of your unsourced images (or anyone else's) and find a similar one online we will treat it as stolen content.
It's the authors responsibility and duty to back up his/hers materials, not ours to hunt and guess where each image comes from.

It's like you driving your car, getting pulled over by a police officer who asks you for your driving license and you reply to him: "I have it but I will not show you because I just don't feel like it".
You might be indeed entitled to drive, but you still have to prove that every time you're asked for.

I'm in Thailand. We do not need licenses here - we bribe :)

But hopefully nothing will show up. I have other places that check for source and attribution and canva posters have never caused a problem. And I would not be using posters for art posts anyway. All of my photos are mine because no one else would take them.

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