Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #78 - Home Cooked Sea Bass.

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Big Size Steamed Siakap (Sea Bass).

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We have been doing a lot of home cooking for the past 3 months, there are lots of photos to share, today will be sharing our favourite fish - Sea Bass. We will go to the town's big wet market to get the fish as it's way much cheaper than the normal grocery stores, and way fresher too! I got this one whole fish which is more than 1 ft long for just RM16 (USD 3.86).

We like the sea bass steamed, no other way can make the fish's freshness tasted better than steam it. Just a very simple ingredient, with a 2-3 clove of garlic, 3 shallots, some gingers, and some scallions. And don't forget to put some salts and water to make the fish soup tasty!

After steamed for 9-10 minutes (depends on the size of the fish), take out and put some fried shallots and oil on top, usually I will add a teaspoon of sesame oil to make the taste richer as well, and then it's ready!

A simple dish for a simple meal. Hope you like it!


This is my entry for @qurator's Tasty Tuesday #78. Check out here for more details of the contest.


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Nothing beats fresh fish prepared to the taste you enjoy @joelai

Absolutely agree @joanstewart.

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Thank you!

I have never eaten fish like that, must be yum

Yes it was yummy! Thank you!

Definitely my favourite. Steamed steamed is my go-to. And it sounds like Steem too. Lol...

Haha... You got it! Steem it!

Simple ingredients can do wonders. I love steamed fish as I truly agree that you could definitely taste the freshness.

Yes, its so fresh because the fish was fresh too!

Beautiful decoration of this dish. looks amazing.
Nice post my friend..

Thank you my friend!

Yummy 💙 ♩♬

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Most welcome ! :) @joelai 💙

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It looks beautiful! And the recipe seems so simple and delicious. I really love simple recipes as well. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for stopping by too @justatouchfey!

Oh this looks delicious @joelai :) I could eat this every day! Steaming the fish is so much healthier and it preserves the moisture in the fish, served with a wonderful salad and there is nothing better!

That's what we have been doing, served with lots of green salads!

Can tell that this is obviously many's favourites...ah, how I miss this dish at home.

You'll be home soon right?

Not really...I can only go home during the long semester break, because I don't know who decided that having a mid term exam directly after our Raya holidays is a good idea.

So yes, a time of cramming...

Hahaha... Lots of 'brlliant' miniters running around the country lately.

I can almost smell and taste the garlic and garlic. Plus the presentation made it look delish!

Thank you so much @leeart, I'm glad you like it!

Oh, that looks so good! I love fish and could eat it several times every week! 😋

Me too @thekittygirl, I like it this way!