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RE: Qurator - UPDATE - Cheaper Tier Access and Increased Registration fee.

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If you have Streemian should you need Steem Voter as well or are you duplicating @qurator

Been on Streemian for some time and have now found some useful links to read up more.


The Streemian Trail will be upvoting on exactly what Qurator is voting on. So this means you will send some support to fellow Q members with the trail.

Steemvoter is just there to help make it easier for users to upvote Q posts to stay in the voting Tiers =)

OK that makes a whole lot of sense in helping build both, it will help for the posts you may miss.

Using bots however should not take the 'social' out of the platform; visiting in person from time to time and leaving comments or questions IMHO is the only way to be social.

We couldn't agree more. We try to check in and be active here and there. Most of the active conversations take place on Discord. We are trying to make it a more fun and active place for everyone. =)