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When I say Vietnamese food, what's the first thing popping into your mind? Phở? 🙂 Originated from northern Vietnam in the early 20th century, this delicious noodle soup has been popularized in other parts of the world by refugees after the Vietnam War.

Well, Vietnamese people might laugt at it, since they surely have so much more to offer than this little bowl of noodle soup. But after trying out different food around Vietnam, I have to say phở is still one of my favorites. 😄


Here I'm sharing some photos of the Phở bò (beef noodle soup) I had in Hanoi, the country's capital. Since my friend Joy is traveling there right now and we talked about the local food.

Phở consists of beef or chicken broth, herbs, and rice noodles called bánh phở. Phở bò is with beef cuts and Phở gà has chicken in it. When I was in Hanoi, I ate it almost any time of the day, but when I went to the south of Vietnam, it's more difficult to find it after breakfast time. The size of the rice noodles, the choice of herbs and the taste of the broth are also different.




当然,如果我们一提越南菜就说河粉,越南人估计会发笑,因为毕竟还有那么多其他美食呢。然鹅,我从北到南吃了一圈各种菜,还是觉得河粉最合胃口,哈哈...... 我这是烂泥扶不上墙的刘阿斗吗?😄




This is my entry for Qurator's Tasty Tuesday competition, and here are 2 more posts I did before about Vietnam:


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😂 先看看小卖部有没河粉?@teamcn-shop

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好吧 牛河变和牛🐂 😄 剪刀✂️

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