Thanks for comment @dillagr I appreciate your reading and responding! What everyone else does, or is doing is not for me, I am a contrarian by nature, and that being a contrarian investor at times as well. If people want to power down, that's great, if people want to accumulate that is great also. In the end I try to be as dynamic as possible and play a few rounds ahead of the game when there is a move that makes sense. This was insurance for me to avoid freaking out if I missed the boat. The amount is peanuts, not even a blip on the trading radar, but I just finally gave me the relaxation of knowing I at least bought something finally and hopefully I can keep doing this in an ongoing helping my friends and myself grow over time.

i'm no expert either.. a lot of people got into crypto due to FOMO. likewise a lot of them panicked due to FUD.

Warren Buffet himself said: buy when everyone panics!

Or after Warren Buffet rips something then secretly starts buying it up on the dip.

haha.. that too!

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