Daily Quote Challenge - @SteemitCentral - Day #2/60

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Today's quote is... "The earth is what we all have in common." -- by Wendall Berry

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I love this quote as it reminds us that we all share our mother earth in common... there was once a time when the lands were in common with us all and we took care of the land together as community or tribe...

Think about it... we wouldn't be here without mother earth... and, it is our responsibility to take care of her... to be in right relationship with her and to respect her as she respects us... We have forgotten our sacred ways of honoring​ our mother earth...

I feel that we have so fallen off this responsibility as a people... along the way our awareness has shifted to seeing our mother earth as a 'resource' instead of knowing and remembering that she is truly our 'source'...

Brightest blessings...
weaver x (((o)))

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