Quote of the Day #138: Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!

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Stay strong and stay relevant!

Difficulties are a fact of life, accept them or get rolled over time and time again. The rough patches and the tough times are a stepping stone to greener pastures. They are learning experiences to grab knowledge and wisdom from. The hardest things are often times the most required for our growth and advancement.

The times of extreme adversity do not last forever and will pass soon enough. It may seem like an eternity when you are in the fire, but always rest assured it is not even close. What does remain however after the rough spells pass, are the people strong enough to weather the storm. These are the folks who take away the most and make the most out of what they can.

Remember that there is always a light at the end of the rainbow and it will be here, maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but it will arrive and give you an opportunity to utilize your new found intelligence in the most positive of ways going forward.

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Stay tough!

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Swoled up Pikachu! Flexes "OOOOOO YEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!"


Haha, He's got it on lockdown.

One of my absolute favorite quotes @sandstorm! It's the tough times that 'polish' all the rough edges and turns us into diamonds, strong and shining brightly so we can encourage and help others going through tough times one day!


We need the tough times, in order to make the good times that much sweeter :)
Thanks for the comment @lizelle.

Oh my, this really speaks what I am in now. Facing challenges that I never faced before and having hard times. No matter what is the outcome, as long as I did my best, I think it is one hell of an experience!


Challenges will come and go, we can only do our best and be accepting of that fact. Best of success to you @kimzwarch :)


Same goes to you @sandstorm :) True, gotta learn how to accept success as well as failure.

Authority is built when we have gone through the other side of some sort of fire. Good stuff.


Nice way of putting it @stonemaiden :)