Today's Motivational Quote: Thursday March 22, 2018.

Today’s quote is a reminder for us to look in the mirror!

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“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”  

Sigmund Freud

Yes, we need to look in the mirror and examine our inner self!

Are we willing to do this? Humble enough?

When we do so we've got a chance to learn, grow and improve!

Thanks for stopping by. Now let's get busy succeeding!



Thanks for sharing today's phrase, it is very important. I always liked this phrase: "What I do not like about you, I correct in me". The others are our mirror and we are a mirror for them. The sensible, ethical and spiritual is to correct in one what we do not like about others.

""What I do not like about you, I correct in me".

That's a great way of looking at things. Thanks!

With a mirror then we will know our own ability

Great words I appereciate you that you give a great lesson and new thoughts to me everyday I really love your these words
when ever i need some lesson i read your post from your blog keep it up
“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it

I like your saying too!

For a person who never looks in the mirror then he does not know himself

This is so true!

To be humble with yourself is to be open to learning and to be better people.

self humility is a wonderful quality!

Freud was not wrong. Besides, almost always we are not honest with ourselves. Stubbornness does not allow us to learn.

It is an area for us to work on!

For me its something very difficult to do, because i know i'm very optimistic person and i believe in others, so when i examine myself and my actions i always believe that i did the right choice and that everything turns out to be fine. Its always hard to be 100% objective but i do think its very important to look in the mirror and examine our selfs :)

If you look in the mirror and you see good things that's great!

Mark Twain had one quote that is appropriated: “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” I think its very important to get to know ourselves because our inner strenght resides in that and to know how we will deal with situations before they happening them and how we can improve. Its a great learning exercise and a good way to improve :)

I will take advantage of the idea you mentioned today to share one of Miguel Angel Asturias:
"Mirrors are like consciousness, you see yourself there as you are, and because you are not, then whoever sees himself in the depths of the mirror tries to hide his ugliness and tries to fix it so that he feels comfortable."
No one can be cured if he does not recognize that he is sick.

Good point made by you!

This is true, if we want to go forward in life, we need to analyse our strengts and weaknesses and be honest with us so we can improve ourselves :)

Yes self improvement is a good thing!

"Someone alone is big in life if he knows how to be small" Never forget where we come from, always keep your simplicity and humility. It doesn't hurt to look in a mirror to know what we are doing wrong and how to remedy it.

I really like your quote!

"People often say that they have not yet found themselves, but the self is not something you find, but something you believe." You are the owner of your life and where you are going. What have you created with yourself? It is important to examine yourself and see our mistakes to correct them.

"It is important to examine yourself and see our mistakes to correct them."

Very good!

Finding meaning in our lives is not easy, it usually seems complicated to have this relationship with our self to look inside, many people look out before ordering themselves in.side

Yes it's so easy to criticize others but we need to look at ourselves.

we should practice this exercise on a daily basis as it make us the best human over the time :)

I like the idea of doing it daily!

This is a quote I live by @goodvibrations. I try and be honest with myself at all times. 😊

"Integrity is telling the truth to oneself, honesty is telling the truth to others." Spencer Johnson

That's a great saying!

Totally true, we have to be honest with ourselves in order to reflect what we really are with total fluidity and charisma. Without pretending what we are not, adapting is not necessarily making the decision to change your attitude.
Looking in the mirror allows us to visualize ourselves as we are, but not as we are with others. THINK BEFORE ACT!!


This is great and I would add THINK BEFORE SPEAKING!

Overall, I like your thoughts and what you think of them!

This is true, because when living with lies, it will eat you up and tear you down into pieces. What this means is, that living in lies will never do good with our life and never grow into progress. It is like your inside a cage. Better to live with truth because it will set you free and have the freedom to do what you want in order for you to succeed. Because what you usually do and utter, reflects oneself.

Thanks for your interesting input!

AS we all know no one know us better than ourselves
we know our good habits, we know our bad habits.
we know how good we are, we know how bad we are.
We know our boundaries, we know what we can do and we know what we can't do.
We know our powers, we know our weaknesses.

We certainly need to know them and then to improve. Thanks for sharing!

your welcome :)

Wow !! Another inspiring quotes....@goodvibrations. Its really affect oneself....We should practice our self honesty ....Its very important to be honest...

I agree completely!

That's so true we need to be honest and half of the things will be all good after that it may test us out but that's how life goes :) Truth always triumphs

examine ourself is a must in order to achieve greatness without and ego otherwise that fake impression will make us dirty

Thanks for your comment!

We have to remain honest with ourself first then only we could be honest to others if we are polluted from inside how could we can clean the surrounding

That is well expressed!

I've been away from Steemit for a week or so and I've missed these quotes! Always a good message!

Welcome back. I hope that your batteries are recharged!

Thanks! They are indeed :)

Thanks ever such a lot. A great post ever @goodvibrations

obviously ,there should be complete peace between mind and heart

By reflecting we can appreciate others

Life is the greatest teacher that humbles us

In my opinion this is really important aspect means most of the time when we walk on the path of our dream we get an bitter experience or obstacles and in my opinion most of the people try to give excuses of destiny, means destiny is not helping me or it's biased but try to ask yourself and watch yourself in the mirror and try to watch the reflection of your eyes then definitely you will get to see something which can be like an eye opening and that is, whatever situation you are facing, for that you are the driver means you are the creator of your own situation, instead of thinking in an negative way, walk on the path of positive way because positive way doesn't have any expectations and the problems faced by human being are nothing but the face of expectations means we already interpret everything and we want that to happen but no it will not work this way, you have to to be positive to understand all aspects of your life and entire life and to attain the success. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

that's the best exercise one could do because that makes our heart pure too

I find this phrase very pleasant, where many times we do not take into account our attitudes, but those of others so we always evaluate other people badly without thinking about what they say or how we are well inside, wow I really like to go through your biography and see this kind of publications, thank you for placing this.


Truth will set you free is similar with being honest with what we are and what we feel. No pretentions and dramas.

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