Today's Motivational Quote: Saturday March 24, 2018.

Today’s quote teaches us not to live in the past!

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“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened”  

Dr. Seuss

While there is nothing wrong with happy memories we can't live in the past!

Let's not mourn about what is gone but fondly remember it as we build our future.

I'm trying to get better at this! How about you?

Thanks for stopping by. Now let's get busy succeeding!



Absolutely right, but first of all remember one thing that, if any person is telling to you as forget your past then please don't listen to that person because you will give more pain to yourself and you will get confuse more, in my opinion there is no positive and negative thoughts because if you concentrate on thoughts then you will feel that your mind is thinking about many things on one single moment means while our visioning our mind creates many information, so your past is your part of life because you lived it, but you live in present so don't hurt your present through stagnant actions because you are action oriented being so act and move forward and achieve your dreams and when you look back into your past you will see an mix journey and that will give sense of achievement. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

"move forward and achieve your dreams and when you look back into your past you will see an mix journey and that will give sense of achievement."

Very nice thought!

Thank you so much. 🙂

We tend to become so attached to things, that many times it is impossible for us to be grateful to have lived an experience that enriched us so much, that gave us, that made us grow and that we simply had the joy of living.

What you write is so true!

I strongly agree with you @goodvibrations. let's set the future and forget the bad experiences of the past

Yes it is a good philosophy!

Great words I appereciate you for that you always come with great words
Don't cry because they left just smile because they gave a chance to find some one better

Yes it gives us a chance.

Another post and another Inspiring quotes..@goodvibrations .. I am agree with Dr. Seuss sir.
We should never cry because we have mountains of problem in our hands to solve. We should always smile because each problems will someday resolve... So why cry ??

very interesting motivation this weekend and a reflection for myself. this often happens to me, feel sorry for the past.
Now I am building and rearranging my life to always be positive.
Keep moving for a better life is the ultimate goal, thanks @goodvibrations, happy weekend, good luck

Thanks for having a look!

I am fully agree with Dr. Seuss.
It's really golden words.
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened”

Yes golden words!

It's a pretty common date, and it's certainly real. I know many people who live in the past. And it also happens to us without realizing it sometimes.

Yes it can easily happen to us!

I think there are things in the past that we can use as motivation, but there are also things that make us look ahead and stop our future.

Thanks for your points.

He who clings to his past dies a little each day. If you want to be happy, remember that the past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.

Very good points!

we should be happy in the end of each result if we don't succeed nothing to cry about because we got the learning experiences with us

Yes we had a learning experience!

great words indeed. we should move on because if past memories are good enough then it's the best thing to put a smile on face but if we had misery memories then nothing more painful then so we can't change what happened. so move on and make your life happy

No we can't change what happened!

We always want more than we like, we usually eat the last bite of ice cream with more nostalgia than satisfaction and we usually focus our events in the most damaging way possible.

It's good that we can always improve.

Most of the time I have no problem with this one @goodvibrations since most of the events I would feel sad about being over are related to time spent with family and friends and I know there is plenty more of that to come. 😊

So happy for you! Nothing like a wonderful family life!

i will remember these words and will smile for what ever happened till now and try to change what i can

I'm glad for that!

what has happened you cant change that
if it was good it will make you happy
if it was bad take some positives out of it

The wonderful thing about life and us is that we can learn to live even in adversity and the important thing is not to get caught up in the negative feelings that affect our relationships, especially with ourselves, to cling to the past is a mental condition that feeds every person and many times they cling to it and do not allow it to move forward, live the present and the past passes the page. Happy weekend

Thanks for your thoughts!

Beautiful quote and that's is great we should smile because everything happens for a reason :)

Yes if we can smile, great!

I share that phrase you published today. I can say with propriety that there is nothing better than what happens. Sometimes it hurts, but when the time passes you realize that it was the best for you ... and you know how? when what happened brought you PEACE. Happy day.

Thanks for your comments!

I was surprised to see this phrase since it is something that we all spend with someone in specific where they were unique moments that we did not take into account that they would end up being so sad that we would have to leave all those memories in our mind and take them into account that it was something very nice happened, greetings brother, what a great phrase.

Yes it is a nice phrase!

"We should use the past as a springboard and not as a sofa". I think the past helps us to learn from it, if we make mistakes we should not repeat the same mistakes in the present. A frequent mistake is to get stuck in it. Leave behind the past and live the present to be able to advance to new opportunities.

"We should use the past as a springboard and not as a sofa".

Very good!

It is true that we can have happy memories in the past, but as this phrase says: "Life can only be understood in reverse, but it must be lived looking forward".

Good saying from you!

"The only charm of the past is that it is the past." The past, past is and we must leave it behind. If we live beautiful things, it is not bad to remember them, but if we fail, we should not regret what happened but learn from it.

*"we should not regret what happened but learn from it."

This can be useful!

"Life is divided into three periods, what it was, what it is and what it is. Let's learn from the past to take advantage of the present, and of the present to live better in the future"

You make some fine points here!

Life is an exam, if things are not going in your way, then don't worry because question paper has also some question that are not according to your wish,

But testing your patience life start giving you the happiness's :)

Because it happens.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Sometimes, it's too hard to move on from what we thought "destiny." Once in a while, everything was perfect. But, it's just for a while.

Now, I thanked God for removing you from my life. He has His best plan and that's what I am holding right now.

I'm glad that you are in a better situation now!

Cries past the power for the future

Life provide us opportunity we have to do our best in order to succeed

Past has no power to change our future but the only present can.

things happen for a reason and this is why we should learn from the experiences which life teach us over the journey

I super agree with you @goodvibrations ..
I made a lot of mistakes in the past.. Though despite of all those mistakes I've done purposely or not, I'm still thankful because those mistakes made me who I am today. Life goes on. I know God have much better plan for my life in the near future. 😊😇

My Life Verse.. Jeremiah 29:11

Nice verse. Thanks for sharing!

Particularly when something like this happens, it is better to remember it as well you name it so it is strong but if you can get up, be happy to take up a new relationship but at the same time it will never be the same level of love as the previous one.

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