You will never have this day again, hit that shutter and make it count.

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"You will never have this day again, hit that shutter and make it count." - XPOSED

Time travels and no one can stop it. Just do it right now and think about it later. Kiss that girl, finish your homework, go to your grandparents, life is too short to let it slip.

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what if i say, if you do not counted, you still have another days.. so keep fighting.
what do you think?

We would say, don't count, start doing ;-)

A nice post to see right before a shoot. Cheers.

Hey @thatkidsblack, how did it go with the shoot?


You don't know how happy it makes me that you asked!

I got the tight ones up, but this is my fav couple.

The first one looks nice, because there is more face to see. Also the posture seems to be more relax and confident than the second one in our opinion. Love the black and while grungy/vintage style.

Cheers! I wanna see a little bit of your photo projects too..!

yea.. make sure it first before shooting.. cheers @thatkidsblack

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