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While I agree that the way laws were set up the way they were to try to keep the timid safe it's gotta be said that sometimes stretching the rules a bit can make a situation far more enjoyable... As long as kept within reason of course.

As long as you do no harm to others in your (mis)adventures I see no real wrong in it all..!


for Witness!

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Katherine Hepburn (Who play's a lawyer in the revolutionary film Adam's Rib (1949))is one of my favorite actors! She sure didn't play by the rules, which allowed her to forge a path for women's rights bringing us closer to positions of authority and equal footing as men in the 20th century. I think it's important to carry on rebelling against the rules, as rules lead to complacency and I believe that this kind of stagnation breeds corruption. I think "Canada" needs is a collective rule breaking that would shift the tides back in the favor of the people who once stewarded this land (Turtle Island) reverting and adapting it to a combination of what it once was before colonization, while accounting for the current migratory situation, making way for a healthy combination of multi-multiculturalism. Thanks for sharing this quote from one of my heroes, big time @klye, this quote makes room for us to pave our way into a way of living that is more harmonious with nature.

obeys alwayss restricts peoples and this cause unhapiness. But world is running on rules unfortunately

I get it, and certainly rules are rigid and mundane, and not flexible, however when the law is not there there is freedom to express and well do things.
I love this.


I thought the general rule was to 50/50 instead of 100% power up a post when SBDs were over a dollar!?


It is. I'm rebelling. ;)

Yes,fun is very important for every people.It makes our life free can release from any worry or pain and i think it should be a part of parcel in everyones life.
btw,awesome quotes.

rules should be broken. We were born free, and should remain that way.

Thanks for this post sharing.... i appreciate this writing...i wait still your next post dear....resteemit done

i inspiration your post.
thanks for sharing your writing.
best of luck.

Thank you..i appreciate this writing..i like this post..all the best..

Excellent quote @klye.

jajajajaj siempre lo he dicho y me encargo de traducir "Si obedeces todas las reglas, te perderás toda la diversión" y como lo dirian en mi tierra estimadas amigas y siguiendo su consejo "El muchaho llorón y la mamá que lo pellizca!"

yes !!
the quote tell us the real meaning of right & wrong !!

I wish I would have listened to a quote like this when I was younger and single. Not that I regret my life right now, but I see people going on road trips and such and wish I would have done more of that when I had the chance.

Yeah , fun is very important the every people

Full inspiration

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