KLYE's Quote of the Day #23

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Woke up after sleeping the entire day away because I rolled over the IV I've currently got installed on my arm.. Blasted needle is uncomfortable at best. It was a reminder that I'd also slept through my 6pm doctors appointment to get antibiotics mainlined into my veins to combat a soft tissue infection that has set in on my foot.. Oh well, I'll go in the morning.

Rarely I dream, but when I do none of the aches, pains or bother of old injury plagues me.. the instant I come back to this realm all of the years prior damage hits me like a hammer and it becomes clear I'm no longer dreaming. Fighting through the pain is all I know, no matter how buggered up I feel must continue on and complete my missions. May your day start and end less painful than mine has! Thanks for reading folks.


for Witness!

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Pain is the real awareness for every successful life

Cure your pain quickly. Eat regular medicines. May God do good to you. Stay good at all times.

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I know this horrible fucked up retard stupid broken body feeling 100%

May you get some carefree, pain free moments in a least today.

This post sounds very painful. :P

Hope it gets better soon @klye ! ive been sick with the flu for 5 days now so im on steemit sparingly . 😀👍✌💕


Healings to you as well Karen. <3


Thank you !💕✌👍


Hope you both feel better! 💖

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This nice post i appreciate posts thanks for sharing.. best of luck..

very good writing... thanks for sharing this.keep it up

You are so great
I like this
Best of luck


I agree with your post ..Resteemit done.

You cant gain without pain!

I thought this was a more spiritual kind of pain>? Carl Jung was all about that.

no pain, no gain
wishing you a quick recovery

Sounds awful, I'm sorry!!!

Thanks for the message @klye. You'll be fine. There's a blessing in disguise when we get sick sometimes. Our system stores the antigens of those infections in its memory so that it builds a strong immune system to mount a strong army of cells to destroy them whenever they should appear again.

I learned that you are helping a lot to achieve something good here
I hope to be one of these members
Greetings to you and to the wonderful publication

Jeepers! You're really going through a tough time.

We're rooting for you, that's for sure.

If there is no pain,there is no gain !