KLYE's Quote of the Day #22

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The man who brought strength and order to the UK in what some consider the darkest times in that regions history certainly was speaking on something quite true to form in the quote above. World War 2 was a bleak time to be across the channel from the Nazi war machines advanced rocketry, hatred and engineering finesse. Even through adversity Winston Churchill managed to keep all under his wing striving towards victory employing the idea and wisdom sampled above.

We as humans are set up to create better conditions around us on a genetic level it seems. The term "Optimization Algorithm" used in AI engineering is what personally resonates with me. Don't be afraid to fail, for it's simply a means of self education/ Failure is only truly tasted when an individual gives up and stops striving towards a goal set.


for Witness!

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I keep on striving in my life to reach a distant success and my enthusiasm to reach it is a success enough to other people to see that my work gives them inspiration and another perspective in life.


You're an inspiration to me man, one of my favourite people here. :)


Thank you Sir I appreciate your support.
God Bless you.

Great quote from one of the best leaders in European history. Also was a heavy drinker which gets him several more points in my book

As for me think failure is a good friend of success. The fear of failure will bury ones talents and gifts. There are so many people in this world who'll leave this earth with their talents not utilised. That'll be a shame. And the Giver of that talent must be upset with that too. We must encourage ourselves and try hard to put to display what's hidden in us all. Nice post @klye.

For one to be successfully, he or she must have past through some challenges.....
This is a wise post and it's lovely. Thanks for sharing on this platform.

Someone who fails tries harder the next time resulting in high level of success.

Well I say consistency is the key failures always gave a lesson for handling the same situation with different approach towards it.uf you manage to do it correctly the rejoice you achieve it quite remarkable in achieving that success.

Some of the biggest mistakes I've made in life, helped me to see some of the greatest strengths in myself, and help me appreciate the world that much more.

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good writing dear.......that is really insperation to me
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Excellent appointment @klye

Excellent quote @klye.