KLYE's Quote of the Day #21

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When I was younger I remember thinking to myself: "I'm trapped on a planet surrounded by idiots" which was partially due to the fact I was a self loathing young man and projected that to the world around me. Years later and after learning to accept and love myself the sentiment still remained... I mean how could you not help but cringe at the species when we're glorifying eating tide pods and replacing actual interaction with shitty memes?

It's scientifically proven that more intelligent people tend to exhibit higher rates of depression & suicide.. Which in laymans terms basically means the more the mind understands of the reality around it, the more it wants to escape it. Existential crisis at it's finest! Granted I'd rather be smart and miserable because of it than an oblivious yet happy mongoloid..


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What happened to good old days where we smoked pot and used Tide for laundry


Today its Tide pods. My generation sniffed glue. It's called natural selection and it culls the idiots of every generation.


This is true, unless we're living out the plot of the film "Idiocracy"... In which case we're all doomed, so any person of average intelligence that gets successfully cryogenetically frozen may end up being a genius ,that is to say, if the Earths climate doesn't change too drastically in order to sustain life.


I've come to understand that many young people have a genuine fear of impending worldwide collapse of...everything due to Global Warming. My generation was worried about nuclear war. One thing we will never have to worry about is the human race having too much wisdom.


Pot is almost legal here now.. have to brain damage with soap I guess?

this is why I suffer from "resting bitchface syndrome" most of the day
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OMG it's B. I miss your pretty face and sassy ass.


I miss your dick drawings and upvotes

Im very pleased to see this words. it emphasizes the intelligent wonderfully. thanks for sharing

Yes but part of being smart means knowing how to be happy.


If you're smart enough though you won't be able to feign happiness due to knowing it's a fleeting dragon one chases.


I can definitely see your point. On the other hand I know a lot of smart people that spend their time feeling bad when they could be pursuing happiness instead of being satisfied in the darkness of their lonely lives.

I don't know I think I would take a few days of monogloidism every now and again, but you're probably right.


Sit back, relax, have a few beers and watch TV... All you need to do.

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