KLYE's Qoute of the Day #42

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Very true today's quote.. I'm often targeted by people on lesser social media sites for speaking out against things that I see going on that seemingly everyone else turns a blind eye towards.. If speaking my (somewhat) intelligent mind makes me a look like a raving lunatic so be it. Rather be smart and viewed as insane over being simple and viewed as a fellow herd member.

P.S. The answer to everything is 42!

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I remember when the Hale-Bop comet went pass over earth many years ago and I pointed it out to my cousin who is smarter than me. He asked me why the comet isn't moving?



I think you're probably smater than you give yourself credit for man. :)

the quote is meaningful.


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Awesome quote for the day!!!

It makes me think about the one usualy credited to Einstein;
" there are two things that I hold to be infinite; The universe, and human stupidity. And I am not positive on the universe..."

Thanks for sharing some high IQ humor with us. Rest in peace mr. Hawking 🤧



Nice quote man, thank you for sharing! It's one of my faves for sure.

Lazy people be like smart people are crazy cos what ever the smart people does it looks impossible in front of the lazy ones!


Fine line between laziness and efficiency.

People aren't going to be woken up if they're not poked and prodded. You're just doing a service that most people aren't ready for - or that they choose to ignore. Keep speaking up & speaking out, honey!


If they aren't atleast smart enough to wake up to the possibilty of being more aware and less brain washed I say let sleeping cattle sleep. I don't have time to turn cows into intelligent beings unless they really have potential.

Thanks for the comment lovely.

"I'm crazy."
Hmm, I wonder what that makes me!?

I'll shoot you if you say 'crazy'.


It makes you who you are.. Also probably crazy.

Don't threaten me with a good time!


I'm crazy smart. 😉😎

great quote....
great inspiration....

love it

Awesome...not a herd follower either lmao

Thanks dear sharing the inspiring post..I alwys see your post and follow you

Great writing Post
Thanks for sharing this Post.....

An excellent inspiration mr. @klye