Thoughts On Elon Musk and Joe Rogan interview Pod Cast

in quinneaker •  5 months ago

IMO The show is worth a watch as they discuss a lot of topics of great implacatation and also it is so rare to ever see Musk like this if even ever before?

I mean where do you see Musk for 3 hours talking almost none stop ehile drinking whiskey?!?!


It’s interesting how they agreed about everything they talked about for almost 3 hours with how vastly different they appear to be based on careers and history.

They definitely acted, spoke and carried them self differently, but agreed on everything.

Joe referred to Elon as a genius and referred to him self as stupid multiple times.

Not having that much experience as I don’t know Elon personally he seemed very conflicted, stressed and while hopeful about a lot also worried about a lot.

He does seem to be highly intelligent though not sure if this show made me trust him more or less.

He appeared to cry multiple times and if it was an authentic vulnerable cry then that would help me lean twords trust. Though who knows why he was so sad or if was even authentic vulnerability.

The smoking weed thing seemed to be the least significant part of the show and yet got by far the most attention. What a silly place this world is.

They discussed Ai which is of huge importance, flat earth and even Musks personal life, thoughts and feelings.

Lots of people have been saying he smoked on purpose because he wanted stocks to go down. It is possible, though if so then the show as a whole was a grand play. Considering things they talked about it’s concerning.

Considering the things Musk is involved in and the way the world works, seems much more likely he’s a Psy Ops than the next Tesla.

Also to me Tesla does not seem like it’s doing anything special, electric car has been around for 100 years.

Only difference now is that it’s being allowed which is all the more reason to think psy ops.

Plus his Space X operation is working for the military so....

I’m wise enough to know I don’t know for sure and there could even be multiple time lines with varying versions of the truth

These are just things I have considered since watching.


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