Infinite Perspectives

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It is infinitely interesting to observe how one views ones self in comparisons to how everything else perceives. How one individual/creature perceives an occurrence or experience compared to another of the "same" event/experience.


This photo is from one of the many art installations at Burning Man of which is a mirror made out of MANY broken pieces of mirrors.....Its a 3 sides mirror booth of which all the "broken" pieces are intentional as part of the art, thus not really "broken" at all but just as they are intended to be.....

So the question is what is broken and what is whole? What is good and what is bad? What is right and what is wrong?

These are of course questions which have been pondered, debated and even fought over as long as we have history.

What is so interesting is that everyone has a different perspective and it is vastly different or only slightly different based on the interaction between whoever it is in the moment. This of course has infinite variations....

At Burning Man for example there are people that feel its a sustainable event of self reliance and others who feel it is grossly far from that.....Arguments can be made for both and are. There are whole groups of people that will support both sides and often even after long debates neither side is swayed....

Take an extreme of a christian vs a atheist......We have all heard some of the infinite arguments some civil some not so. The wars that even ensue simply over a perspective......

Though in the observations of nature it appears that only humans have what we call war, violence is a very common part of nature. A meat eater perceives eating meat is right and thus violently rips apart the life of another for its belief. Who is right? Who is wrong?


So in truth there is no truth only perception/experience of which is dictated by ones perception. In the end it is the "winners" who dictate righting wrong, law and history it self.

One thing is for sure. Burning Man provides quite a lot of expression and great contrast which regardless of one is in favor of or not provides great acceleration of conscious evolution.

Truly wonderful things happen when one is able to realize that one is simply a spec of sand in the desert or a drop of water in the ocean......Less even in the scope of infinity.....Yet here we are and great and extraordinary experiences are possible brought into reality through conscious focus.


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Love you daddy!



Wow! What a great post! The photos are amazing, and as usual, you shed light on awareness to ponder.


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Is there a right or wrong?
For me, doing and thinking is right as long as no one, no other living being is injured or harmed.
Different opinions and ways of thinking make life more colorful ... that is how I feel and think.

That's why I would like to join Burning Man someday.
I wish you a good time and health, peace, harmony and love.


There is a perception of right and wrong, beliefs in right and wrong and even actions taken in the name of right and wrong. But in truth it is something infinitely relative and created in the mind.


I agree with you 👍
It's not always easy ... to understand something ... but man takes himself too seriously and overly ... there is something much more ...