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Join us in San Diego on November 8 aboard The No Force One, the presidential campaign tour bus of Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh, for a world class sustainable feast hosted by The Garden of Eden! @intothegardenofeden check out all the world class cuisine !

Kokesh is running for US President on the platform to dismantle the federal government. Pull up a chair at our table for an amazing sustainable feast and a discussion of this generation's greatest revolution - FREEDOM. $111 donation for your dinner reservation secures your seat for the evening on the presidential tour bus No Force One, as well as your delicious plate, drinks, after dinner Holy Smokes organic tobacco smoking blends, and a signed copy of Freedom! by Adam Kokesh. Donations accepted in crypto and fiat.
RSVP to [email protected]

This is a LIVE TRUTH production.

Donations accepted in crypto or fiat
Paypal, Venmo, crypto transfer, or cash at the door

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