Burning Man Kissing Booth: Which Would You Choose?

in quinneaker •  3 months ago

You can count on Burning Man to have many things rarely seen in the world if ever at all. That is one of my favorite parts by far as the world country to country is so appropriate to the standard norms of culture and society.

In truth that is one of the best parts of the festival culture in general is the unique artistic expression and the open mindness to that. This allows for all sorts of interesting things that are beautiful and consciousness stimulating.


Here we have a kissing booth that doesn't just offer a little peck of a kiss but offers all the way to spankings and erotic kisses.

I my self did not participate as for me kissing is an intimate thing that only appeals to me when I have a very deep and profound connection with someone. However again regardless of if it is my preference or not I love that this kind of stuff is here and that the culture supports unique expression without the need to participate or hate on it.

To each his/her own as the saying goes. I love that as long as there is not forcing upon another against their expressed will.

This is just one of many many unique and interesting "art installations" at this world renowned gathering.

While Burning Man is nota casual, cheap or easy festival to attend it is highly worth experiencing at least once. Its ideal to go with someone who has been before as it really is quite an intense endeavor.

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hey q, just curious, so whats up with them internets? i thought it was completely of the grid disconnected event. Or are you on them satelitte dishes?

have a great time!


Ya I have a lot of connections here. All the "glamp camps" where the super stars and rich guys camp have access. Because I have a lot of connections here I get access to most of whats here.
Its funny cause most of burning man is a desolate dry hot barren land....Yet the glamp camps have hundreds of thousands of dollars of infastructure built for weeks before Burning man, showers, air con, even saw sushi once hahahahaha
Always appreciate any interaction from you my friend.


Very nice on Burning Man Kissing Booth. I like your writing. I want to read more from you.

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Herpes booth


hahaa wow you may be even to bold for Burning Man!
You pushing limits they won't even go to!

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I agree with you ... I only kiss when feeling is involved ... but somehow I find this idea very amusing 😉

Hahaha! I would be running away quite fast!!

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hahahaha as is your right to choose/act lol

I my self neither had interest.....though some exceptional beautiful females may have swayed me slightly haha

Not my thing, but they get points for presentation... and moxie!

Were they doing any business? I think they might be busier if they were a little more gender inclusive in their hiring.