Being Attacked Isn’t Fun m, Bit Part Of Pushing The Envelope

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Ever since I started questioning everything and standing firm in my ideals, I have triggered people. It is nothing new to have people judge and blame me for speaking my truth & shining my light, instead of them being empowered in their own grand experience.

However, now there are literally people going behind my back, contacting “friends” via social media & scheming a smear campaign on me, labeling and judging me as a narcissist sociopath.

As one who questions everything and holds self awareness to the highest regard, this is not only something I am willing to explore, but have pondered before as it is actually quite common for people to try and judge me for shining.

So I want to share a bit of logic and reason on the matter as obviously my feelings are biased & I can say how deeply I feel love, how deeply I feel sadness & how deeply I care about the world. However you can’t believe a sociopath LOL

Thank god we have logic and reason!
Actions speak louder than words and far louder than judgements.

So for the sake of exploration, let’s say I am a “narcissistic sociopath”, and let’s compare me to other well-judged narcissistic sociopaths:

Say the oil tycoons who have been suppressing alternative energy for decades, polluting rivers & oceans, & killing millions of animals as they drill pipelines through sacred lands, even killing people that stand in their way.

Or the banksters who have rigged the monitory system to enslave the human race, started endless wars & manipulate value across the globe.

Or the politicians who protect the child sex trafficking & drug markets globally, make plant medicines illegal, take taxes at gun point, and throw people in jail for feeding homeless or harvesting rain water.

Or what about the pharmaceutical elite who suppress natural health and even kill holistic doctors while pushing meds on everyone & promoting sick care rather than health care.

Or what about the Vatican? Well known to be molesting and raping children for thousands of years while holding elite secrets from the rest of the world and influencing countless other matters.

I could go on and on.

Ok now let’s judge me.

I have dedicated the last 17 years of my life to living a zero waste, zero carbon footprint life.

I have saved millions of lbs of trash from the landfill.

I have fed at least a hundred thousand meals.

I have created a wildcrafted food forest.

I have sheltered & clothed hundreds without any government or private financing/compensation.

Every time someone comes to me for help I help them regardless of compensation.

I actually have hundreds of testimonies saying I changed their lives for the better yet I have only shared less than 1% of them.

I have educated hundreds of thousands with workshops, articles, videos and more, mostly all for free. Doing the exact opposite of the global elite. Standing for freedom and sustainability even when threatened at gun point.

I provide high quality totally natural and effective medicine and supplements for health and healing.

I haven’t used heating or cooling in 12 years. I haven’t bought toilet paper in 17 years. I haven’t bought food at a store or resturant once in the USA in 15 years. I haven’t bought a bottle of water in 17 years. I have only bought one drink at a bar in 17 years. I haven’t bought beer or wine in 17 years. I have composted hundreds of thousands of lbs of soil, regenerating a dead plot of land. I could go on an on.

The result is I CARE deeply not just about the humans, but more importantly the water, air, trees, bugs and animals that support life on earth. I am dedicated to it regardless of your judgements and labels.

So judge me as you will, of course it’s up to you. However logic and reason point to 2 things: If I am a narcissist, then I don’t know what all these global elites are that are enslaving earth and humanity, because the result of their existence is the opposite of mine.

And if I am a narcissist then based on my actions and results we need MORE narcissists!

That’s just my humble opinion of course, make your own judgements~*~

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I have been witness to many of the 100s of lives you have changed for the better. There is no doubt you have and are sharing something extraordinary with the world. I'm so grateful for you authenticity and steadfastness to your ideals. You yourself are extraordinary! Thank you for being you @quinneaker.

Thank you for all the support and for sharing in the love.

Grateful to wtness you in grand appreciation. <3


If everybody just does something small and care a bit more the world would be a better place - good on you for all you do.

Yea a little goes a long way.
A lot of little adds up.

Keep up the good work! Yap! We need more people like you around the world!!
I could never do one/tenth of what you had done!

Thank you. I will.

You have accomplished so much that is positive, humanitarian and environmentally responsible and can respond to your naysayers with equanimity 🙏🏽

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uff leerte ha sido todo un desafio para mi obviamente cada quien vive como le plazca, si has escuchado este termino porque no aplicarlo? igual la gente que te difama no es la que te da de comer te sientes bien entonces aprovechalo!! saludos