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RE: The Title Of This One is The First And Last Sentence in The Opening Paragraph

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Well, well, well, if it isn’t my favorite face showin, writer extraordinaire, quality comment leaving, Nigerian beauty-queen! Good morning, miss Audrey, I sure do appreciate this response—I’m glad I didn’t lose you with this one. 😉

Yeah, I assume it’s most certainly for love and respect to their God, I totally understand that and, if that’s all it was, I would’ve answered my own question. But you and I are smarter than that—well, at least you are! The one about the husband being insecure, I’d love to ask those specific women a few questions. “Do you feel degraded? Can you use a gym? What do you tell your children? Do you believe that’s a good example to teach your daughters? Have you ever felt equal to a man? Do you have self esteem? Do you know what self esteem is? Do you feel your only purpose in life is to serve?” Stuff like that.

“Too beautiful.” Good point, what’s your opinion on that, Audrey? I, personally, believe we’re all just a scribble of God’s fingerprint and there’s no such thing as “too beautiful” and, if that’s the case, I almost feel sorry for that husband—it would suck to be him.

About the not eating in public at all—fascinating! I never even considered it but now that you mentioned it, that makes perfect sense. Hence the reason there’s so many ninjas on the streets and a random one here and there in a restaurant. Man, all of that in the name of religion?! Here I go again, Audrey, saying what I think.. that’s ridiculous.

Lastly, you know what? The part about unmarried women covering their face actually makes more sense to me than anything else and I didn’t consider it until now. I actually wouldn’t mind wearing a mask from time to time myself. 👍🏿 Thumbs up on that one.

Thanks a lot for stopping by @audreybits, you know I love it when you do.


😊 Good morning! Nah, you didn't and i don't you ever will...

I guess some of them might get offended by your questions, and a few actually wouldn't mind, and will excitedly answer them. If you find the open-minded ones, you wouldn't have issues asking...

Well, not exactly "too beautiful" but maybe more appealing than others, or has a feature that easily attracts people...

The devotion sometimes, isn't something we can easily comprehend, it fascinates me sometimes. I have grew up in a place where there is quite alot, like alot of the, so i have been able to see it (actually, my Mum was a Muslim, at a point, eherm before i was born) Well, sometimes, some of them use the tag "devotion" to actually do things they shouldn't or shouldn't be done in totality.

A mask? Lol! Well, mask has cool designs so it definitely will look cool! Or you want to use their type of mask?

My pleasure! I love it too when i do

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