Steemit Community Question of the Day: “You spent how much on that?”

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I listen to the Morning Mashup on SiriusXM when I take the kids to school and each morning they ask their community a question and so I thought it would be interesting if I ask the Steemit Community the same question.

Today’s question is: What’s something that you or someone you know purchased which causes people to exclaim “You spent how much on that?”



I’ll go first. Typically I’m not one to splurge however I’m a believer in buying quality and “only once” and that mindset historically comes with a price tag. So, I think I’d have to say shoes or footwear in general... probably no surprise there lol.

Take for instance my iconic red wellies. They’re made by Hunter and cost $150 and I could’ve purchased another pair of red, rain boots for considerably less, but my last pair of Hunters lasted for 9 years, so all in all I think they’re a good deal... some of my other shoes purchases (mainly designer heels) that I’ve only worn a couple of times... not such a good ROI lol!



OK, now it’s your turn. Confession time... What have you bought that people exclaim “You spent how much on that?”

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I generally agree that buying high quality for the value is the best way to go in the long run. I recently purchased a leaf blower that may have been a bit overkill at around $550, but it will cut what used to be a 3 hour job down to under and hour for me. :-)


@matthewwarn Looks like a mighty fine blower to me :) Can it blow more than leaves?

come on... i'm reading!

It also blows snow...and sticks and frozen animal poop :-)

Besides, your boots are beautiful :)

In general, I spend less money than a zippo, I do not consider myself a consumerist, but I do agree fully to make quality purchases.
I think my last purchase was a jacket of the brand DESCENTE for about 700 €, it is a technically spectacular garment:

Based on detailed research and analysis, and using Descente's unique Motion 3D cutting technology, it is all D-Laser welded for supreme waterproofing, and features DURABLE MESH panels on the back and sleeves to enhance air permeability through the back and underarm areas of the jacket A new design feature is a quick and easily fastened wrist cuff that also effectively keeps snow out.

The jacket is for skiing, but I admit that I use it every day, it's great when I go on a motorcycle, it's light and self-regulating, and it has endless details, pockets, zippers ... I'm in love with my jacket :)

It sounds like you and your jacket have a nice relationship :-)

Thanks @beiker! My red wellies are fantastic lol!!! But by the sounds of it your jacket is too!! I'm thinking @matthewwarn may need one when using his blower...

sure it's windstopper LOL

great post and blog nice jobe and

Thank you @gizemli3 What have you or would you spend a lot on?

I don't understand your question

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