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Hey guys and gals!

So today is a day of reflection for me as well as a time to ask my followers some questions. As usual, I will be upvoting the best answers in the comments below. I truly need you to participate genuinely to this.

What's up?

Well, I just came back from a honeymoon and moving into my new home with my wife. We had the most incredible wedding I could ever imagine and I'm working on creating albums and videos to share with you guys on DTUBE.

Overall, I'm really happy and I can't be more excited about the future of steemit and my blog. I have the intention to write at least 5 times a week Mon-Fri and deliver high quality articles that you care about.

4000 Followers, Now What?

I've been on steemit almost since the beginning. I've seen the tides come and go. I've blogged about many things on very diverse topics and I'm always amaze about how much people write thoughtful comments.

But now, I'm truly wondering where to go from here. I wrote about so many different topics that I am wondering what my followers enjoy the most reading about.

So what do you like most reading about when I publish?

1- SEO / Marketing / Business
2- The story of my life
3- Steemit projects/ideas
4- Work at home hacks
5- Cryptocurrencies
6- How to build a big steemit account
7- Other (please specify)

Ready, Set...Comment!

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I like to see more crytocurrency post. Thanks n congrats

Cryptocurrencies and health.

The reasons are in my last 2 posts for crypto and health is a given, everyone should talk about it and be knowledgeable about it as much as possible.

Hey I send you a pm on the steemit chat, check it out if you have time.

I see there that you have seven subjects and just thought Id share there are 7 days a week ;). In all honestly most of what Ive read over SEO Ive really enjoyed. I think I would enjoy reading about your thoughts and any information you have on cryptos. This is just my selfish opinion though in what I want to learn more about.

Work at home hacks. I seriously need some advice on that topic.

5 👍

i just like ur whole blog @cryptoctopus sir and if u say me to specially choose then my options are these from ur blog
The story of ur life
Steemit projects/ideas
Work at home hacks
How to build a big steemit account...
and it so good u come back with more of new topics and speciall ur albums we really want to see ur album sir and one of ur albums photo u share u look cool and smart and i hope u was very enjoy ur honymoon ur on best beautifull and great points and also u look so happy..wish u more more happinnes in ur whole life with ur new partner fo life ur wife.

You're back and ready to take on the Steem world ! Just have one question since I know you have lots of experience on this platform and I'd like to advance here and make a name of myself .

  1. what's one way to attract individuals to your posts for upvote a ?

  2. I comment comment comment , but people never return their favors ..

  3. how can I think of more content to write that people will like ?

Thank you and welcome back !!

Congrats on the marriage and new home-- wish you happy times ahead!

Well, since you've been here since the beginning, any information on how to best use Steemit (tools, apps, SEO, etc) as it is today would be awesome. I say it that way because Steemit of August 2017 isn't really the same Steemit as it was in mid-2016. Also, something I don't see a lot written about is how to build a successful Steemit presence for a company/organization... which tends to be more niche/narrow focus than a general personal account.

For example, I run this account on behalf of an art gallery... so I can't suddenly start posting recipes or travel journals; I have to stay more or less "on topic" (with minor variations).

Nice post sir you have huge experience of steemit plateform and cryptocurrencies but I love to read the story of your life articles @cryptoctopus sir.

wow sir its great news for us u are now give us ur new ideas and from ur huge knoeldge and experience and we all want to see ur honymoon album soon bcz we are many excited to see this and many many congrats and i pray god give u all happy and joys of life sir

Great post @cryptoctopus sir, i think Steemit projects/ideas and how to build a big steemit account these two topics are great bcoz i saw alot of new steemians including myself having difficulties to understand steemit completely.

I think @cryptoctopus sir, How to build a big steemit account and cryptocurrencies are best topics.

5- Cryptocurrency . Any way have a safe trip :)

Of course the story of your life. :)

I think you should write about each of the above topics.All these are good subjects and I would love to read about them

its so so great sir and many many congrats for ur 4000+ followers and ur married u dont show ur album us and now we all many demanding u to share ur album with us sir and also welcome back thanx to now spend time with us and steemit comunity

I am not a follower, but personally I like to see things that are more general speaking than personal. Besides, since Steemit came along, I got a lot of love for crypto's :)

welcome back sir from ur honeymoon and ur looking is very smart and attracive and i like ur complete blog and ur every post and i m waiting from u post and i hope now my wait is finish u came ur new and great thougts and informations and now we enjoy more crypto

For my tastes, Steemit projects/ideas and Cryptocurrencies are the topics I mostly read. That doesn't mean I don't read others. I consider it difficult to predict what Steemers are going to want to read and upvote, but you don't seem to have that problem.

I'm going to go with option 7. Other

As I usually find myself browsing steemit for entertainment purposes I think you should write about topics that specifically interest me. Therefore from now on I demand you write more about-

  1. The University of Michigan and their sports teams (mainly football and basketball)

  2. Fantasy literature (think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc..)

  3. My dog Jack who is thus far criminally under represented here on Steemit.

Please vary your posts between these topics as you see fit :)

Congratulations on your wedding and new life. It's always nice to read about the author and his life. Also, I would like more posts on Cryptocurrencies and SEO/Marketing and Business. Thank you for your contributions to the platform.

I think some topics here go hand in hand,so in my view to build a big Steemit account,you need to have good SEO skills and also Cryptocurrencies Knowledge.
So in my view i would love more of these four below

1-How to build a big steemit account
2- SEO / Marketing / Business
3- Steemit projects/ideas
4- Cryptocurrencies

Thanks for always creating good content.

Congratulation on 4000+ followers, 2 and 5 I think

congratulations first for ur great honymoon and then 4000+ followers and ur talk on crypto and how to make a big acount of steemit and others are good topics and we wait for ur new opinions on this

1st of all congratulations on the milestone! As someone new to the platform i would like to hear about the the history of the platform. Also I have would like to lnow about getting tp the next level, I have mpre than 200SP now and my posts are mot getting the up votes they used to. I believe most minpw helpers quit at 200 but i am not sure... Thanks!

Congratulations on the big event! :)

I'd like to hear about 7- beer adventures! Use #beersaturday tag to compete in our little beer community . Or support the challenge. Who knows, you might be into beer :)

Congrats with your milestone i think all the topic you mention above are great and you should do them one after the other

Congratulations !!
6- How to build a big steemit account
I want to follow your footsteps...

Hey congratz on the wedding and great honneymoon :P

Then secondly i am interested in the:
1- SEO / Marketing / BUsiness
3- Steemit projects/ideas
7- How to increase my steemit wallet, i am not a rich person and don't have alot that i could miss on a montly basis so everything advice wise would be more then welcome.

How to build audience on social media in general from scratch hope you cover this topic tbst would be very helpful to all the newbies also marketing and business as well. @cryptoctopus followed you and wait for the next post. Thanks for asking us this question. Steem on

Great to hear the wedding was awesome and I am going to assume the honeymoon was no less. Love the tradionality of moving into the new home after the honeymoon. Too many traditions are dying.

As to the question of what topics you should be writing I can only advise ask you to write about what you feel is important. The blogs I personally like best are the ones with variety. So by all means, write about life, love, work, crypto. As long as you enjoy writing about it, we'll enjoy reading about it. Salut.

As you just came back from a very Relaxing trip i would personally like to see the Travel Experience you had this will make you feel more relax and give you time to pursue other things with full research about it and will be more comfortable too :) My fav. suggestion as per my thinking would be the work at home hacks and about Cryptocurrency :)

Congratulations sir ! I would like to read more articles about "Work at home hacks" and your life story .

Nice to meet you @cryptoctopus! I am new to your work so I will just have to speak on what I look forward to reading. I'd say your story, Projects (I have a few I have been working on to show how Steemit can be used for a lot more than blogging) Work at home hacks and HOW TO BUILD A BIG STEEMIT ACCOUNT! Looks like you are more than qualified.
Other: Would be curious to hear your thoughts on the Future of Steemit. Where YOU would like it to go, what doesn't exist yet but could and perhaps more of your Whaley philosophy on how you Use this place differently and what it means to you. I'll check your earlier stuff since I'm sure much of that is already there.

I honestly just came to wish you a happy marriage and good luck in the new home LOL.

I know this is unrelated to what you asked.


Have a nice weekend with your bride.

@cryptoctopus Cryptocurrencies take the cake!

First of all a big thumbs up for achieving this feat. Many congratulations. I'm a newbie here on steemit. When I first joined this superior community pool, I said to myself that I'm a very very small fish. I still Don't know many things and thus want to learn. I always consider myself a learner. I strongly feel that there's no actual or proper age to learning and it could come from anybody.
I am not here to beg for upvotes, comments, and much more recommendations. But I'm here to take help. I want to be knowledgeable about steemit. How to be recognized by others? How to present oneself before a strong community??

Therefore, my take on option No. 6. It'd be of great help if you spare a little time out from your hectic schedule & share your experience..

Just learn us to have 4000+ followers

So... you got the girl and followers :) well done buddy!

wonderfull u come back with ur huge knowledge and more new new for us and also on dtube videos now we enjoy ur blog more with ur daily posts sir and now we wait more for ur regularly posts and also ur albums we want see it @cryptoctopus sir and i like ur all blog sir

Hmm, I'd go with these 3 topics:

2- The story of my life
3- Steemit projects/ideas
5- Cryptocurrencies

Work at home hacks are pretty much individualized, same with building a big steemit account (everyone's success is going to be specific to their followers, etc.).

I'm not sure what Other is.. but you can add that one in too if you'd like. No reason to pigeon-hole yourself with too specific of a set of topics!

Congratulations on 4000+ Followers @cryptoctopus !
"Work at home hacks " it's interesting topic for me :)

Hey huge congrats! I hope your honeymoon was awesome.

I've always enjoyed hearing about your life man. The SEO stuff was interesting but for someone like me that doesn't really know much about, I don't think it hit as much. Work at home hacks are super cool cause I work at home too, I'll be upvoting that for sure! Steemit projects/ideas would be cool too but again I think you're looking at a limited audience there, but it is Steemit so I'm sure those would be very popular ;)

welcom back sir and from hope u glad form ur these days and also we are now to see u again on ur blog with us and i also see ur crypto news and steemit acount options and all others and now we see ur posts daily like always sir

I like to share your story of your life and how to build abig steemit account I think this more intersting to give us some information about this platform especially we the beginners, and thank you for all .


Work at home hacks, crypto and basically everything that can help making my life stress free just a little.

Congrats! and welcome back!
how about your honeymoon travel story ;)

Since I'm a crypto enthusiast/trader I will definitely be following you for your crypto related posts, but since you also just got married, it will be really interesting to follow your marriage and relationship journey. Congrats for the 4000 followers by the way. You gain another one from me.


congrats! Marriage is the best thing ever :-)


I would love to find that out if it really is the best thing ever, eventually lol

My picks:

2- The story of my life
3- Steemit projects/ideas

I love getting to know fellow Steemians and I think this platform is ripe for growth and expansion in every direction, so new projects and ideas for Steemit and those that may be Steemit-related would be very interesting to me!

Congratulations on your wedding and to 4k.
I like posts about Cryptocurrencie ,Steemit and intersting stories from life.

Congratulation and welcome back to this awesome community:)
Steemit projects/ideas

Congratulations, mate! 3 and 6 are the most interesting ones! Take care, cheers!

I congratulate you on your honeymoon!

I am most interested in stories about different types of crypto currency and analytic. Without this it is difficult to understand, because there are so many different tokens. I want to listen to a competent person.

I love life hacks and using new and innovative ways to use ordinary objects. I'm so naive about crypto that unless you provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions, I'm pretty much lost. Steem On Brother!

I would love to hear more about 1- SEO / Marketing / Business. Thanks to create the value things

I see that you are service-oriented and that's nice. With the choice of subjects for posts however one should post whatever makes one fulfilled. From the listed topics Steemit projects/ideas seems always on top as we all are interested where Steemit goes.

Work at home hacks

How to build a steemit account.

upvoted resteemed an d following!

Lets make a party!

Congrats on this new awesome achievement @cryptoctopus! Now you are having the best time of your life...Wedding...Honeymoon...4000+ followers, that's amazing!
I would say there can be a very unique topic that you can start and will surely be very well appreciated...Life after marriage maybe a weekly post on the evolution of your life from single to married, difference from before, tips etc...
Thank you!

Good bro..... Enjoy your life and congrats your home
And also you doing good work


cada vez pienso que esto se pone mejor cada dia mas


Cryptocurrencies for sure..

I can tell you I was interested in TENX about a month ago when it was $0.59. It then quickly ran up to $5 a couple of weeks ago and is now sitting at $3.50.

OmiseGo was at $8.52 yesterday and it is currently at $6.60.

Adex, the coin that has partnered with Neo which used to be Antshares, was at $2.50 yesterday and is now at $0.96.

It is getting more and more dangerous to pick coins that seem like they are going to take off.

I only have about $800 to spend but I feel like I could flip it up and up with the right info.

I joined the site in September but I only really started posting in March.

I've been using steemvoter to upvote your account at 100% ever since then.

Congratulations on the marriage and honeymoon.

I like your posts about steemit because they are very helpfull for the community. but I also enjoy knowing about you life, about the man who is helping this community

Hi there,

Congratulations on your marriage! I had my first wedding anniversary few days ago! I hope you've enjoyed your honeymoon!

I like reading about :

2- Story of your life
4- Work at home hacks
5- Cryptocurrencies

and lastly

6- How to build a big steemit account

I will try to post free courses on my blog everyday at the same time - is it a good idea or not? Any advices are more than welcome :)

Thanks in advance!

I like you post publish... Your writing motivates me to keep working!!

Hi there

Personally, I'm always interest in reading articles about people's lives because that makes the articles unique :)

In my opinion, so many people could write about marketing or about cryptocurrency, but only YOU can write about YOU.

OH, and I am just really really nosy about seeing into other people's lives!!

I have, just like you some trouble deciding what my niche should be, great idea to ask the readers!
I would love to read more about number 3, 4 and 5.
I'm here to participate and also to share my knowledge and passions, that is why I love to find new projects or ideas about what I can do to improve on Steemit.
Of course I'm also here because I seek ways to work at home, every tips will be valuable for me, I think it's great to work on several fronts at the same time!
I'm not a big investor but I have some cryptos and I have an interest to increase my investments and also, of course, make them grow:-)

And well I just found your account and it will be exciting to see where this is going:-)

Welcome back and congratulations for your wedding!

I know, I am not answering the question :D

Congrats to u on ur 4K followers. I wish to be like u one day. I like to see more post on the story of your life and how you get into cryto. Hope to see more post from u soon. Upvoted followed n resteem. Cheers and have a great weekend.

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.

it should be Cryptocurrencies my friend. many of the steemers will search the financial freedom just like you . and they wants to be in the freedom world. so there is no choice unless the crypto. I am waiting for your next post with crypto, meantime many many congratulations for your personal life and have a blessing wedded life my friend .

I'd like to know how you do "6- How to build a big steemit account"

You've made awesome step-by-step tutorials ... so more on that would be amazing :)

1- SEO / Marketing / Business
6- How to build a big steemit account

Those are my two biggest interests out of your list. I am looking to create a successful steemit account and if it needs to be big to qualify, I am all in. I've just been here 8 weeks and I am still in noob fog. Any help at all about steemit is most appreciated.

Congrats on your marriage and new home. What a happy time for you!

I really like your post, and I will wait for the next posting, and your post is very useful for me

My favorite content I've seen from you is about SEO. There's some really interesting stuff in those that I hadn't considered before.

At the same time, I could use some tips on building my Steemit following. You seem like a good source for advice on that~

to be honest ,I just followed you around a week ago ,I think that you are interesting indeed .
Looking forward to " work at home hacks" and " " The story of your life" posts.


I like reading real life stories.
My option would be nr.2

I'm your 4097th flower.. I would like to be a part of your community give the maximum support for you..
I would like if you write about....
1- SEO / Marketing / Business
2- Steemit projects/ideas
3- Work at home hacks
4- Cryptocurrencies
5- How to build a big steemit account

Upvoted this post.. 😊👌👍

Probably, your Life Hacks, because you're helping people the easy way and it is important. All in all, all of your blogs are inspiring. You inspired people, including me. Have a nice day. 😊

Congratulations! I truly mean it!

Seems that I have to go back and read 2242 posts to get all the info I lost since last year T_T

Started following you.... Would like to read more on SEO, Work from home, Steemit and Cryptocurrencies