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Hello QuarkChain community! 

We want to thank you all again for your overwhelming support. For those who would like to participate in our Initial Coin Offering (ICO), there’s still a week left to KYC! To start the KYC process, privately message our Telegram KYC bot at @quark_kyc_bot for your access code and instructions. Beginning Sunday (May 13th), you will also be able to check your KYC status using this bot. 

Do not under any circumstances share your access code with others because they may steal your chance to participate! Also, to avoid spamming our system, you will only have 1 hour after submitting the form to make edits by filling out the form again using the same access code. 

***Be sure to read the first part of this series on our KYC process:

So let’s talk more about the KYC and scoring process! We want to make the token distribution as fair as possible and show our thanks to those who have cheered us on from the start and supported the QuarkChain community. As such, each participant will receive a score out of 100% and those with a score above 60% will join the lottery for the chance to contribute to the ICO. This KYC score will be calculated based upon the following factors:

1.(30%) How early you became a supporter of the community

This will be calculated according to the earliest timestamp when a participant joined any of the following Telegram groups. The last time to have joined by and still qualify for these points was May 4th 11:59:59AM PST

      a.QuarkChain Community


      c.QuarkChain News

2.(20%) Your contribution to the project 

We want to reward those who have gone out of their way to contribute to our Bounty program in the following ways:

      a.High-quality content: including the writing and forwarding of original evaluation articles, as well as video and animation production (e.g. interviews, project introductions, etc.). Please submit a link of your article or video to before May 15th. These will be reviewed and scored by the QuarkChain team based upon:


            ii.Quality of content

            iii.Viewer reach (page views, video views, etc.)

      b.White paper translation: those who contribute at least 1 page of translation will qualify for contribution points and the top 5 translations and the final winner of each language will receive a higher contribution score. No need to provide proof. We will automatically factor this into your score. The score is based upon:

            i.Participation degree (how many pages translated)

            ii.The quality of the translation (Google Translate doesn’t count! Translations will be evaluated by local partners who are native speakers.)

      c. Testnet volunteer: if you’ve been accepted by the team to be on the testnet and are an active user. No need to provide proof. We will automatically factor this into your score.

3.(50%) Your understanding of the project 

This will be assessed by a quiz on your understanding of QuarkChain. This quiz will open late next week and the Telegram KYC bot will notify you ahead of time. If you want to learn more about QuarkChain, we recommend the:

      a.White paper: 



      b.Crypto Briefing – Andre Cronje’s code review:

      c.Crush Crypto review:

      d.Live testnet demo:

After these three steps are completed, if you receive a score over 60% you will be entered in the lottery for the opportunity to participate in the Quarkchain ICO. Details on how the lottery will be conducted are in the previous article.

We sincerely apologize for any hassle this comprehensive KYC process might cause. However, we have to gather a lot of metrics during the KYC process in order to fairly reward our early supporters and those who have given back to the community. So thank you for bearing with us! We are always available on Telegram in case you have any questions.

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4.6 points for joining your Telegram and a maximum of 50 points for the quiz < sad. All Kyc- and quiz effort for nothing.

OMG let us have a quiz and maybe recite the whitepaper backwards, that will make this ICO "mathematically" fair. We will rate it in percentage so that it will be all scientific and stuff. GO TEAM! Good job making people bend over backwards before you take their money. Nicely done!


omg let us have a quiz and maybe recite the whitepaper backwards, that will make this ico "mathematically" fair.

Fair enough, This awesome i have already did a quarkchain video. what is left for me is to upoad it on my youtube channel and Dtube.

These guys are making a lot of noise. But it's worth it. Looks like it's gonna be a great project. By the way I wrote the article and did the video.

Oh, great! I want to become a Testnet volunteer.

Nice one from Quarkchain!

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This platform so far has promise to do so much, and make a fair platform where freelancers and clients can both Benefit from. Awesome informative white paper.
Go to me and get good airdop and bounty

What is the identity of the QuarkChain that will revolutionize the blockchain?

good luck


interesting and understandable article, good luck to all who participate in this project.

Did my KYC already. Really really hoping to get a chance to invest in this

Creative and fair democratic way to encourage participation. Props on this! All the best in getting white listed everyone.

This project looks really WOW, this is going to be huge for 2018.

When can we start tha quizzie!... must buy Quarks

There is an admin scammer in your community group!
Koran asked me, if i want to invest private with 25% off, after i asked a few questions. A obvious scam. I asked him if that is a scam and he deleted all his messages. Pity that you can not trust admins. Please do something.

I wonder if this is why the big Youtube influencers are shilling this project. It gets them brownie points SMH.

Through KYC process by the QKC team.

this is a good demo of the wallet

What a refreshing KYC process.

Will certainly stop this movement of people throwing money into ICOs solely in the hopes of just making profit, not only that, it'll also make room for individuals who have invested time into this project by constantly analysing material published by Quarkchain in comparison to those who just think they can get in an ICO by simply throwing money into a smart contract with zero research.

+1 for this.

Alas I have been extremely busy lately and have not had time to properly interact with QC as I joined the Telegram fairly late, I'll wait for exchanges as I know this project has major potential and will make a very nice addition to my portfolio.

Best of luck to everyone for the draw & quiz!