QuarkChain Whitelisting/KYC Process

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We thank all the support and patience from our strong and growing community. 

In order to accommodate 70k+ potential investors with a limited supply, we will be using a probabilistic approach to be as FAIR as mathematically possible. 

All the code used in the lottery system will be open sourced before the selection.

Whitelist Process

1. Every profile that passed KYC will be graded on a 100-point scale. As announced before, we will be scoring three main aspects in particular:

      a. The earliest timestamp when a participant joined any of the following Telegram groups (QuarkChain Community, Quarkchain-官方中文社区, QuarkChain News) (30%) - cutoff date: May 4th 11:59:59AM PST

      b. A quiz on your understanding of the product (50%)

      c. A submission of your contribution to the project (20%) - cutoff date for contribution: May 15 11:59:59AM PST

More details for b and c will be announced later.

2. Only people who score >=60 will enter the lottery.

3. In order to assure personal contribution, we will be whitelisting min{# people passed, 5000} people in total.

4. The lottery system works as follows:

      a. We put all the N participants in a list ordered by their join time.

      b. We issue each participant a number of tickets. The number of tickets each participant has is proportional to their final score. In total K tickets are issued.

      c. To be fair, we will be using the blockhash from a future Bitcoin block as a random seed.

      d. We use the seed to generate a number randomly from 1 to K', where K' is the remaining tickets in the list. 

      e. The person who won the lottery is considered whitelisted.

      f. Remove that person and his/her tickets from the list.

      g.Repeat Step d until min{# people passed, 5000} participants are whitelisted.

5. What this process means: 

      a. The fewer people pass the process, the higher personal cap will be.

      b. We prevent people from gaming the system by submitting multiple low score profiles.

      c. Higher score = higher chance. There is no cut-off score. A high score doesn't guarantee whitelisting, and vice versa.

      d. We favor early supporters.

      e. We favor late supporters with solid understanding as well as a passion in our product.

6. Examples:

telegram join timestamp: max 30%

quiz score: max 50%

contribution to project: max 20% (including but not limit to: 5% testnet participant, 10% tech review (+5% for # of likes), 10% youtube (+5% for # of likes), 5% help answer telegram questions, reviewed by core team including Qi)

      a. I joined telegram long time ago, got 0 on quiz, didn't contribute anything -> 30+0+0 = 30 points

      b. I just joined telegram (after cutoff), got full score on quiz, made a youtube video with a substantial viewer base -> about 0+50+15 = 65 points

      c. I joined telegram mid way, got 50% score on quiz, didn't contribute anything -> about 15+25+0 = 40 points

      d. I joined 3/4 telegram, got 80% on quiz, contributed a tech article with some likes-> about 7.5+40+12.5 = 60 points

How to Participate KYC

DEADLINE: May 20th 11:59:59AM PST

A gentle reminder: the KYC will last for two weeks, and will not be closed no matter how many people participate, so rest assured - you don’t need to set an alarm to start the process! We will NOT ask for any ETH during the KYC. Watch out for scam!

1.  To start, find and start a private conversation with QuarkChainKYCBot (@ quark_kyc_bot) in Telegram. (@ quark_kyc_bot or mentioning QuarkChainKYCBot in the community group will NOT do anything.)

2. You will get a SECRET access code. DO NOT share your access code UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE (even to admins)! Otherwise other people may use the code and you may lose your chance to participate.

3. The bot will provide the link and you can follow it to start the KYC process.

The website will not be open until the scheduled time. Please be very careful when filling out the KYC registration form. To avoid spamming our system, after submitting the form, you only have 1 hour to make modifications, by refilling the form using the same access code. Afterwards the form is final and resubmitting won’t take effect on our system for the KYC process.

4. In the future, use /help on the telegram bot to track your Whitelist/KYC progress (not supported yet, stay tuned).

An Overview of Telegram Join Date

Before the cut off date (May 4th 11:59:59AM PST), there were 58712 people who joined our telegram group (QuarkChain Community, Quarkchain-官方中文社区, QuarkChain News).

Based on one's rank (i), one would be getting score = (-i/58711+58712/58711) * 30  for the join-date category.

Early Supporter Score vs Date


So difficult to get in whitelisted. But I'll try my best. Top project.

Only things that require effort are worth it ;-)

Hi guys, i agree with you in my opinion the best project, but a lot of people, very hard to get inside, good lucky to everyone, and congratulations to the team, at this time i dont know if i get in whitlelist.

Can you provide some example of questions from a quiz?

Hello, I am a citizen of Turkey living in Turkey. I've learned that I can not join the Quarkchain project, and I want to know why. I participated in many projects originating in the United States, I have not met with such constraints as a citizen of Turkey. QuarkChain is a project I've been following for months. It really made me sad not to be on the project. I know the SEC and CFTC rules, laws and restrictions. But not including Turkey and vatadaş to such a restriction. Turkey OTAN and United Nations member. One of the United States' business partners and allies. This restriction is not right with the citizens of Turkey. Please remove the restrictions for citizens of Turkey.

Because they are rasist assholes. NOt only Turkey but IRAQ or Yemen are also not under sanctuary

this is the first time I have witnessed an ICO banned for turkish citizens. Weird...

Can you provide what is the chance for the person which joined telegram group back then in mid-April, read all your posts here, major news and read the whitepaper, what is the rough % to get selected to whitelist according to your fair lottery mode?

This you can see in the Early Supporter Score vs Date graph. Mid April means a score of almost 30% for Part 1. The rest depends on the knowledge of the project and your contributions to the project + one other unknown variable since the number of people who score 60% or higher is not known yet :-)

nice job! i can't wait for...

So 60 points are just to get entry in lottery , after that random selection , Nice thing

Looks really good organized and well considered.
Im waiting for the Bot in Telegram to work :)
all the best, greets from germany,
johanne (:

So Yemenis not allowed to contribution on QuarkChain project .. I am the first one in Arab world who translated and explained QuarkChain project to my followers on Twitter.

What a shame !!

Guys, don't forget to do your research. Check out this video for more information on the project:

Nice trick:)

wish to know ... I have joined the telegram group at 17th of April do I have good a portunity to be in the whitelist

Yes, it's possible. 17th of April still gives you good amount of points as an early supporter, as you can see in this graph:
early supporter date.png

Then, you can score up to 50 points by doing the quiz with questions about the project. The date of the quiz is not announced yet.

Finally, you can get up to 30 points by making contributions to the Quarkchain community, for example: helping people on telegram, writing usefull articles about Quarkchain, youtube videos, etc.

If you score 60 points or more, you enter the lottery. It doesn't mean you can participate, it means that if you are lucky enough on the lottery, you can :)

I'm looking forward to it

It is miraculous that QuarkChain has come to us in order to realize a true block-chain world with technology that surpasses Bitcoin and Etherium. Thanks to the members of QuarkChain who make miracles.

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Best project ...because they have the best team in ALL blockchain....the dreamteam!!!

The method of the KYC is unique, Quark Chain is awesome project.

SCAM ?!?!

nice job! i can't wait for...

I have watched many Guam poems about quarkchain for a long time and finally passed kyc. The future is highly anticipated and we will make sure to invest as much as possible. Because quarkchain is a future technology.
Shipping is full ,,,

Eventhough there's a huge nubmer of potential investors your kyc site and bot worked perfectly, good job!

Hurry up.

When will be the quiz released ?
I have completely gone through the whitepaper

The date of the quiz was not announced yet. On the telegram channel people are saying it will be around May 20th. But I recommend that you stay tuned in their telegram announcements channel and email to know this information!

La traduzione italiana del post è qui. Italian translation of the article here

It is good to see QuarkChain leading the future.

KYC done - it was nice and smooth - well done

Wow not seen a setup like this before, very clever getting the community to help with exposure but looks like very few are going to get through!

Super excited about this project! Thanks for the detailed guide!


I will make you pay for that bastards