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Thomas Krome belongs to the early techno producers and artists from Sweden, the country that produced a ernormous amount of quality producers and performers while techno was not at all popular those days, not even in the underground scene. They all live(d) in Stockholm and worked together a lot. Thomas worked for instance with the most well know Swedish techno artist and producer Adam Beyer and released some memorable tracks on Adam's label Drumcode. His style is typical for him and I consider it to be deepish and darkish techno; The style I really like.

  • Producer: Thomas Krome (aka Thomas Chrome)
  • Album: Various Live Recordings
  • Style: Techno
  • Year: 2000/2002

I remember the first time I heard Thomas play as if it was yesterday. It was in a small club in Utrecht (Netherlands) hosted by Loose Club; During the day a restaurant and once a month on Saturday nights, transformed into a club. While entertaining my Hungarian friends that weekend, I had to drag them to this party; Thomas Krome was high on my list of DJs I wanted to hear.

I have no recording of that specific event, but selected 2 live performance recordings that I like!

I hope you do as well? Just hit the play buttons; one at the time I suggest :)

Palazzo Bingen (2 September 2000)

Shockers RAI Amsterdam (28 April 2002)

More music and other resources of Thomas Krome.


--- sources [1][2]

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