Chris Liebing Fine Audio Complication ...presented by QSOUNDS

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Back in the days Chris Liebing, a Frankfurt based DJ and producer, was one of my favourite DJs. I first heard him play not on a party but through a compilation album Chris created for Fine Audio Recordings. I was so happy with what I was hearing, I started to check his gig schedule. Fortunately he came from time to time to my country!

A bit later, early 2000, he had his own nights in the famous U60 club in Frankfurt (Germany) and several times I took the opportunity to step into my car, to drive to Frankfurt, to hear him perform at his home base, the legendary club U60.

  • Producer: Chris Liebing
  • Album: Audio Compilation Volume 1
  • Style: Techno
  • Year: 1998

I hope you like this early works of German Techno as well. Just hit the play button and...


Good 1 !!!
I checked out his recent set at Time Warp in April
Playing it now

To be honest? Nowadays I do not find him that good anymore. BUT , he is a really nice guy! That is at least a couple of bonus points for him!

EDIT: oww, this one is pretty ok

I live in Frankfurt and really like techno, especially from Sven Väth, you know him? So, I will check Liebing out, judging from the compilation, I'll really like him, thx for this artist tip!! =)

Sven Väth, you know him?

Of course! Mostly I do not like what he plays, but when he plays real techno, then I mean the more deeper stuff, I really really like him. He is a great DJ, for sure!

Liebing compilation

That is the old day techno, the techno I really like! More rough then it is nowadays.

this music is almost trance-like! nice post

There is one of the reasons I like this type of music so much, fast, raw and supports to bring the mind into a different state; That was what made the RAVE scene in the 80s and early 90s; In those raves it was about getting into some other state of mind, to drift away, to get to new places; Unlike the electronic dance scene today.

I'm not very familiar with the electronic dance scene today but did some dabbling in dance clubs during my 8 months in Europe in 1989-90 and had a lot of fun!