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What is a QRS11 Chip?

The QRS is part of a "Family" of Gyro-chips. They range from the early QRS11 and include QRS116, QRS14, QRS28.
As you will see, this QRS chip has been installed in basically anything that moves which requires any type of gyro-stabilisation or orientation. As you can see from the image above the QRS11 chip and its MILITARY capabilities are guarded and Boeing was found selling it within their planes to China.

First, a little background is in order. As you may recall, the integration of the QRS-11 chip into Boeing aircraft sold to China led to a $15 million fine being imposed on Boeing when it failed to get DDTC export licenses for these aircraft. Recognizing the absurdity of requiring a license because of a $2,000 part in a commercial aircraft costing $100 million or more, DDTC added a Note to category VIII of the ITAR to exempt the QRS-11 chip and other quartz rate sensor chips when (a) it was integrated into the standby navigational system of a commercial aircraft and (b) the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”) determined that the chip was subject to its own licensing jurisdiction.


Traditionally inertial navigational chips and systems had been used in standby systems to the GPS used in the primary system. A standby or backup system supplies navigational information when the primary GPS is unable to get a lock on the GPS satellites and is unable to provide location information.

The QRS-11 chip, however, is increasingly being integrated into primary navigational systems of civil aircraft, by the time of writing this most, if not all systems now have this QRS11 chip as part of their critical systems.

The simple explanation is the QRS11 chip becomes a vital component in many cases, if it is abused in any way (remotely) it can cause shut down of systems, gyro failures and steering problems in anything equipped with it.
Now if you own the patent or you happen to be the patent lawyers who filed it, in this case, Clinton you would have known about its capabilities.

How easy would it be to bring down an aircraft or increase the speed of a train, or car hacking?

Well, if you "could" hack the chip it would effectively be weaponized transportation.

Given all of the crashes, of planes, trains and cars, especially when the occupants or passengers were pivotal in certain investigations into the inner workings of the deep state, well you can make up your own minds.

The first mention of the QRS11 chip I could locate was a paper written by the professor below. And as anyone who has looked into this will know BEI had the patent on the QRS11 chip in the early days.

The first mention I could find of the QRS chip was from a paper written by Dr. Madni, Oof BEI systems.

If you are wondering what the QRS chip now sits in, I have listed below some of the areas currently incorporating this chip from screen captures.

I will include the links at the end of this article for your own research and perhaps you can find what I missed.
Cars...All makes and models globally.


Military and Commercial Helicopters

Commercial, Military and private avionics systems


Read that line above again..."Can be adversely affected by "interference."

From where by whom?

Is this the military application they are worried about getting into the wrong hands?

Can you imagine a world where a chip has been integrated into everything...Oh forgot, we are already there.

What about off world?


Mars Rover

You can now see how the QRS have become commonplace in the fabric of our transportation, on and off the planet.

How many satellites can be brought down using this method?

Could a plane be made to veer off course and crash?

Could a train be sabotaged remotely?

As far as cars are concerned, they are easy prey.

Imagine the military applications in a theatre of operations. You could literally shut down the enemies defence systems, tanks, planes, everything! No wonder it has important military uses. See Below.


Commercial / Military Aircraft


Note how proud they are logging 2million hours without failure. So the QRS is RELIABLE. Which means if it does go wrong (and a plane crashes) it was probably due to "interference. of some sort.

The list of applications of the QRS family of chips you can see below. To have the ability to interfere with these chips is an open chequebook for any tech-savvy assassins.

If you take the time to read the applications, you can see there is a really big picture here. The deep state has nothing less than the defacto way to remove individuals without care to collateral deaths around them.


Q's post at the start of this article was simple: 02/12/09: very BAD

The flight which crashed and killed all on board had another passenger which was causing the deep state some cause for concern was...

Alison Des Forges (née Liebhafsky) (August 20, 1942 – February 12, 2009) was an American historian and human rights activist who specialized in the African Great Lakes region, particularly the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. At the time of her death, she was a senior advisor for the African continent at Human Rights Watch.

She had the information saying the Clinton administration knew way ahead of time about the Rwandan Genocide, this would have dragged Bush and Clinton into a PR/Political nightmare.


Of course this is all speculation on my part and I have no proof of any such dark dealings of the deep state. But given the growing list of "accidents" and suicides with people who did and could have caused the deep state major problems.

Then it would be ridiculous to assume they would not use the tools at their disposal.

Here is a question or two to keep your mind active...

Do these have anything to do with the QRS chipset?



What if you could bring down a satellite, does it have a QRS chip?


It would not take a genius to figure out the goals of the deep state, they could easily be met with this technology.

Given the clear connection between the early patented technology of the QRS chip with the Clintons law firm in Arkansas representing the inventor.

Bill & Killery would already have been groomed or have sights set on what has become for many "The American Nightmare"

Add this to the fact Mueller was also instrumental in the patent applications then later still McCain had his dirty little fingers all over it.

I think by now you have a good grasp on the implications, the previous deaths that may run into 1000's by now. These people have no empathy, no value for human life. If there was a single sticking point I have mentioned above, it is not asking if they would use this as a weapon [military applications] of course they would and I suspect they have and still do.

No, it is my mind still not completely sure about Robert Mueller.

He, in my book, is a loose cannon I hope Trump has tied down. It occurred to me Muller may have given Trump the "Heads-up" on the QRS chip [In AF1].

We know Trump stopped the chip from being installed and the only way he could have known was for Muller to tell him, given the list of others we know of, it sure as hell won't be the Clinton crime family.

Another crash involved Seal Team 6, the team that killed Bin Landen. It may have been reported in the news, the Taliban shot it down with a hand launcher (very unlikely) but as you can see from the snippet I got from the Washingtontimes post, it sure looks like the QRS GYRO was involved...


I don't think this is a smoking gun, this is a cannon in their face.


Until Next time...

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