Qmap: The Deep State Mapping Project- A historic perspective on the bad actors of today

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For people in the truth movement the world appears to be run by immoral banksters that are willing to cause immeasurable harm in exchange for greater control of the planet. We see massive corruption, human trafficking, drug trade, violence, crooked banks, politicians, and organizations all over the place. It's a dark time and it's hard to figure out where this behavior originates and so we're taking a look back through organizations thought to have a major influence in today's society and see what we can discover.

Deep State Mapping Project

The founder of the project is a gentleman by the name of Dylan Louis Monroe. I found him through facebook attached to another Steemian and Truther I like of @jaysather. Dylan created a map of many key points, topics of interest, and events of the alternate history truthers are putting together. He calls this the Deep State Mapping Project and it has at times been referred to as the Q-Map in reference to the alleged military insider Q who posts on 4chan and 8chan about the deep state.

You can find Dylan's website here: https://deepstatemappingproject.com/
He has a personal site here: https://www.dylanlouismonroe.com/q-web.html

He has a 2 page PDF of the Deep State map with a handy reference on how to read it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1paXXtcNVGFm13fbIr1TE9oXlRqovviET/view

Here's a color coded high resolution version of his map.
Q KEY 3.23 LETTER.jpg

The discussion

This conversation wanders through some ancient history and how it may play out in modern society. I recently saw this clip

In it you can see Will Ferrall holding a mock satanic ritual complete with an unholy rebirth. You can find more information about that here, but honestly I've been struck by just how blatant and in your face the symbolism is recently on TV and movies and so we're try to figure out where did this occult shit come from!

Going back

Dylan and I both try to piece together what we've learned in school, what we've searched for, and connections that seem relevant to today to try to assemble some narrative that might describe how we got here even if it conflicts with some elements of traditional versions of history.

This conversation focused on the Hyksos, a priest class out of Egypt that left Egypt, settled into Israel, and may have ties to the Khazars. A more indepth history of the Khazars can be found [https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2015/03/the-hidden-history-of-incredibly-evi/]. The khazars worship BA'AL which may actually be a reference going back to the Hyksos who worshipped an earlier version called SET.

We note standard historians discuss "Court Jews" as financial position within many monarchies where a Jewish person is in charge of court finance and sometimes held responsible in case the monarch dies while in debt. It seems that one Court Jew family in particular who may have a bloodline to the Khazars is the Rothschild family who took prominence in the early 1800s and eventually earned the title of "Guardian of the Papel Treasure." There is also some evidence that the Rothschild's are actually serving at the behest of the Jesuits, who are a bit like the CIA of the Catholics.

You can see some of the history that's important in this abbreviated timeline

So for an exceptionally abbreviated timeline

Ancient Egypt
SET Worship
Kicked out the Set worshipping Hyksos
Settle in Jerusalem
Potentially merge with the Khazars
Khazars under duress convert to Judaism
Khazar court Jew, Rothschild, becomes prominent banker
Through Waterloo becomes exceptionally wealthy
Becomes the Guardian of the Papal Treasure

And maybe that's how we tie ancient Egypt to the current Vatican

This is certainly the beginning of a conversation and less of a known certainty. People that have studied this for a long time and have knowledge that seems relevant with citations would be welcome to add to the discussion. You can find me at minnowpond.org as Aggroed.

First conversation

You can find our first conversation on this topic here


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This is an awesome compilation of an extraordinary phenomenon. I have come to the conclusion that we really have little to no idea what is really going on. But thankfully because of people like you and the ones you have sited, we know something is and it ain't good. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. No doubt the world will be a different place in our time. Thank you so much for this post. Peace and good-will.

What you are seeing in "in plain sight" stuff, is just these people trying to make normal many of their outer rituals.

If you assumed it was all true, every last bloody detail, you will only have scratched the surface.

Many books have talked about making a deal with the devil.
And, today, the "devil" is considered only a mythical creature. A story to scare children.

Further, people are being lead into an area where right and wrong, good and evil are just subjective. Even more, the psychopaths in movies are termed "evil" however, they are just a mockery of evil. The real evil always shows a nice face and good intentions. It is the stuff that really destroys a person.

So, would you sacrifice your children to the devil for more power?

I've always thought of the Deep State as having its origins in the 20th century military-industrial complex. The Eisenhower farewell speech mentioning the military-industrial complex is a classic:

Perhaps not a coincidence -- the CIA was created in 1947, more than a decade earlier... Over time, I think the CIA gradually carved out more and more of a role for itself, including a government-within-the-government (narco-trafficking, gun running, false flags, coups).

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How are the Rothschilds Jews? Are they blood?Not that I side with the "HOLY" land farce or the "Chosen" people charade in the least but you might as well call them Buddhists because they don't practice either anyway.

On Friday March 22, 1935, Robert H. Hemphill stated the following before The House of Representative's Committee on Banking & Currency in Washington D.C.:
“... there has been for 200 years, since one certain man came into power as a financial genius, Mayer Anselm Rothschild, who was born in 1790 — since he came into power there has been a constant, organized, shrewd conspiracy to convince the people of theworld that this is not true, to convince men against their own judgment, against a thingwhich is self-evident. And that conspiracy has involved the press, it has involved the pulpit, it has involved our schools, a conspiracy to mislead people about theimportance of a very simple thing — money. The interests who promote this confusion profit by retaining for themselves the monopoly of manufacturing our money.”

Robert H. Hemphill
(1876 - 1941)FROM THE Banking Act of 1935 Hearings before the Committee on Banking andCurrency, House of Representatives, Seventy-fourth Congress. U.S. GovernmentPrinting Office. 1935. p.484

“The Rothschilds long had a powerful influence in dictating American financial laws. The law records show that they were the power in the old Bank of the United States.”

Gustavus Myers
(1872 – 1942)History of the Great American Fortunes, Random House, p.556 American journalist and historian who published a series of influential studieson caPital formation

and the most damning and Big Picture quote is page 165:

Well, I think the argument is that they're Khazarian. And possibly worship BA'AL.

Check out Kim Dotcom he is dropping some truth bombs about the deep state!!!