#QAnon Whistleblower: "It’s time to right the wrongs!"

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The same #QAnon whistleblower who emailed me and @unirock last week sent a follow up message calling out several of the individuals claimed to be involved in a deception.

The email is published below in full.

I see that you have experienced the same backlash as I did for just trying to bring awareness and the truth to others. No matter what proof I presented to people, they just weren’t willing to hear the truth; it doesn’t even matter that many of these people claim to be “truther’s.” These people want to hear anything else but the truth!

Like I said before, when mistakes were made we rolled with it, and now you get to see just how well it works and how quick these people are to eat it all up. How many times has “Q” messed up with the Tripcode now? Look back in just the past several weeks, there’s more. People are just so brainwashed and so clueless! We did our jobs well! It’s so disgusting to see how effective it’s all become!

Do you guys really think that “Q” is responding too so called “anons?” LOL Far from it people!

They’re “herding the cattle!” and guess what, you’re it. FF was good at doing this, along with Pamphlet and Baruch. We all did it but some were just better at it than others. These aren’t Anons that “Q” is responding to, not the majority of them anyway, and if “Q” is responding to a so called “Anon” I can assure you that 90% of them are members of the crew; we all had roles to play. This is one of the big benefits to these types of message boards. All for a LARP aright, but one that pays well! Speaking of paying, also pay close attention to the post ID numbers. Log them and track them even. Go back to the archives and search out these ID’s. Follow them and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ve already uncovered the other archives that I mentioned but you’re only scratching the surface in terms of who really is involved and what all went down. I told you the facts. Don’t buy wolf tickets! There is still a lot going on behind the scenes that you guys aren’t catching. I recently heard the BS that Tracy, and Baruch is trying to tell you and others, but it’s all lies they continue to spread! I have no reason to lie, and it feels good for once. You should try it Baruch!

A message to you Tracy and Baruch - I have no respect for you until you admit your involvement.

That all being said I have one big surprise to unveil…

It’s time to right the wrongs!

Rather than waste more time trying to prove Q is fake and that CBTS is all behind it. I have decided to take on a new mission for truith… many of us have. We have formed a new collective, and one to really “bring the Pain” as Pamphlet, I mean, as Q has put it. Lol. In fact, Pamphlet and his wife has recently experienced a small sampling of what I’m talking about 😉 Isn’t that right Pamy? You know what I’m talking about don’t you Pamy. Lol BTW Pamy, why are you talking shit about Corsi, yet you're still helping him behind the scenes? hmmm.

Define Fake.

Define Fraud.

Define Con.


WWG1WGA Pamy and we’re coming for you and the bunch, that’s unless you guys make things right.

My final message to Mr. Peter A. –

It’s time that you come forward with the truth! You can’t keep blaming the “clowns” over the shit you are experiencing. Ain’t no clowns here bro I can guarantee you that. We have set things in motion now to expose your BS. You’ll start to see things unveil in the coming weeks. Trust the Plan Peter lol. We will give you time to come forward but if you and the rest of the crew fail to do so (Baruch, FF, tracy etc.), you guys are going to find yourselves in a bad position. You’ve all made this personal for us all. We have put our skillsets to good use now and it’s something we all should’ve done a long time ago.

For those that you attack and troll, for those that you swindle, for God and country!! Trust the plan Bro – [email protected]@in! and Karma is a Bitch.

signed, my nuts - QQ


@titusfrost said on a recent show that Q is dead. Seems to me it's just getting started, as the LARP fragments into sub-LARPs and the cast of characters keeps expanding. New puzzles emerge. Everybody talking about Q only promotes Q, to the Qniverse "John Podesta has been arrested" didn't matter so why should "Q is a LARP from the chans" matter? Seems we are all being steered away from military intelligence as the originator of this "phenomenon".

Screenshot 2018-05-23 15.54.27.png

I just noticed that the first time qanon appeared in a search was the 5th of November - Guy Fawkes' Day, associated with the Gunpowder Plot, Jesuit agents who tried to blow up the houses of parliament in England. Related to Wachowski Bros "V for Vendetta", Anonymous masks.

wait a second... aren't you now in favor of Q anon Steve?

People cling to the Q stuff because of cognitive dissonance in my opinion. It’s good they are looking at other things in a new light but rejecting a challenge to it is foolish. It’s no better than people who don’t have an idea about any of this. I hope this guys email isn’t just more of the same crap, wait for what’s coming etc.

Q people are lazy as f. I keep telling them trump used tippy top in his speeches for years. they all demand i show them proof. its too much for them to google simple key words like tippy top trump speech. this has happened now dozens of times. when someone finally concedes, they lie and say well thats not the big proof anyways. uhuh, sure. whatevs.

i do remember when people were trying to decode the follow the rabbit Q posts, Defango, White Rabbit and Tracy were arguing about something. I think White Rabbit was claiming it was about him, and either Tracy would not believe him, or knowing what I know now, maybe it went deeper than that, idk.






The Fake Q-Anon from Q-Research Flow-Chart Illustrated.