Q LARP is Unraveling #QAnon #TheStorm

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In a sure sign that the Q puzzle has jumped the shark, one of the leading QTubers, Roy Potter, finally lost his mind tonight when one of the latest Q posts suggested we are at "Defcon 1". Roy is clearly wound up from the opening of his latest video, calling on Q to "stop this puzzle business" - perhaps referring to the revelation made last week by YouTuber @defango that Q was a creation of the same team behind the Cicada puzzles. Roy then turns his rage on a Q-tweeter, who apparently goes by "B", who tweeted out the Defcon 1 news. "You can't do that to us!" he says before he really gets going, having to stop himself at one point from dropping an f-bomb.

Of note, Roy also joins Zach, InfoWars caller and apparent Q expert, in pushing the conspiracy theory that SpaceX just launched a secret weapon that will be used to strike North Korea imminently.

Is "The Storm" finally here? You can tell me what you think in the comments.

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i tried to tell you about that assange video before you went live

I appreciate it. I must have been asleep at the switch. The video got dropped down the memory hole pretty quickly though, so it's like it never happened. Cheers.

I'm bummed it went, sounded exciting!! JFK airport had 12 plans land and go though a side door, Assange?

Ah I wondered what I missed! I hate waking up to a notification that links to a dead end. Usually being UK based and or being asleep due to ADD stress. I really wanted to call the recent show. Is it like a Skype Google call thing or a USA number? I can get a phone off the other half to try I guess but it may be international prices and that would be an argument ha. I am so out the loop with social connection today not using a mobile phone.

'Hey y'all, come on and Belly up to the Bar B Q'!

Nice article, sir. The Storm is only going to come when the good people of the public decide to stop supporting a corrupt system and placing hope in others to save them.

Is this just an elaborate invitation to a barbecue? Bar B Q? Too much code going on nowadays. Ttfn ;)

I liked the article, I follow Roy as well 🙂

Wikipedia :
Das Festival Defqon.1 ist eine jährliche Musikveranstaltung, die sich hauptsächlich auf Hardstyle, Hardcore Techno, Hard House und Hard Trance konzentriert. Sie wird seit 2003 vom Organisator und Plattenlabel Q-Dance veranstaltet.

The Festival Defqon.1 is an annual music event focused on hardstyle, hardcore techno, hard house and hard trance. It is organized since 2003 by the organizer and record label Q-Dance.

from the label Q-DANCE.

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