Is Q a PSY-OP?

in #qanon6 years ago

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Great video! Did you see the follow up AIM video, where they discuss the involvement of Cicada 3301 group, and all that?

I wrote a post about this same question. I'm glad I made it before I watched this video, for you're a tough act to follow:)

Also, I highly resteemed this post :)

Great breakdown, yes if the Q group is a psyop than its working to wake us up even more so as u say! So wither way its a positive thing.

The man on American Intelligence Media does videos where he shows his face - also apparently the original Q contacted because he is a cryptographer who figured out their code (or at least that's how it sounded to me).

American Intelligence Media (AIM) the YouTube channel you are speaking of behind the "Q" video by the channel owners who claim that they are AIM's Anonymous Spokespersons and who give their names as: Thomas and Betsy. "Thomas" Thomas Paine is Douglas Gabriel and the woman Betsy is Tyla Gabriel. Douglas was in the Army Security Agency (now called: NSA) and was a cryptologist and systems analyst / signals intelligence, and later was a Monk and Jesuit priest with a Doctorate of Divinity. As a Jesuit priest, he also earned a BA in Anthroposophical Studies (Rudolf Steiner stuff) and an MA in School Administration. He founded the Waldorf Educational Foundation based on teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Betsy (Tyla Gabriel) is a Naturopathic Doctor. They own several websites including YouTube channel: Gospel of Sophia and among several others. So far I have found at least 2 YouTube channels by the pair and no less than 4 domain names most related to Rudolf Steiner studies / Sophia etc.

Any idea if any of his education related credentials (advanced graduate degrees) can be independently verified?

I have no reason to believe he is lying about the NSA cryptographer bit. But of course that's a giant red flag right there! As for his Ph.D. /s he was a Jesuit priest and Jesuits almost always have at least 2 or more doctorate degrees. (Kinda goes with the territory) that being said, A doctorate of Divinity?! that really doesn't give anyone huge credibility in much of anything in my book. Maybe your book is different but my book says; BIG DEAL. (right?) As for a degree in Anthroposophical Studies - in my book that's no more impressive than the Doctorate of Divinity. Especially considering it's Rudolf Steiner stuff. Just because Jesuits hand out lots of advanced degrees doesn't mean the person who obtained the degree is educated in anything incredibly scientific or important. He has not listed any advanced degrees in computer science or cryptography but that's because all of that was presumably conferred on him while working for the Army. (And it appears he was drafted and never more than an enlisted man?) It was not really PRE-NSA even though he claims it was the Army Security Agency (now called: NSA). Personally I have read things regarding the NSA from the man who started the ACIO and Labyrinth group (inner circles of the NSA) as well as the (Think Corteum) that makes me think the NSA was called the NSA at the time when Douglas was working for the Army Security Agency. The NSA has many layers like an Ogre - hence the man they called: "15" and Corteum and ACIO and the Labyrinth group. My understanding is that one group may not even know the other groups exist. So maybe Douglas was important to the NSA as a cryptographer but personally after hearing him threaten Jason Goodman on a live call - I am more inclined to think Douglas is having some trouble with his grip on certain aspects of reality and may have a different personal recollection about his importance to the NSA than the NSA itself may have of him. I think (from listening to him) that he is a very intelligent person. But I also think he assumes he has it all figured out and everyone else be damned and won't change his mind even when proof is shown directly to his face. That's my personal impression anyway.

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