Jack Q: Was Q Anon Hijacked and Now a PSYOP?

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Is Q anon a PSYOP?

Did Q start as a disclosure riddle game created by the Cicada 3301 group, then get hijacked by military intelligence along the way?

Does it even matter who is currently behind Q, as long as the info is still useful and effective?

Is questioning Q’s authenticity subversive to the movement, or an honest attempt to unveil truth?

These questions really started circulating when Thomas Paine-in-the-ass-of-the-globalists from American Intelligence Media posted a video claiming Q was a PSYOP. A firestorm ensued among the alternative media channels. Many of these channels brushed off these accusations, with some questioning Thomas Paine’s motives in trying to bring division to the Q movement.

Fortunately, Thomas made a follow up video, in which he interviewed the YouTuber ‘Defango,’ to clarify some of the inflammatory statements he had made. Here is the gist of Defango’s claims regarding Q, in three parts:

1—Defango claims to have first PROPOSED the basic concept and strategy (use of a combination of cryptology puzzles and the Socratic method) of what would become Q at a hacker conference called ‘Defcon.’ He was specifically addressing a group regarding methods of safe and effective whistleblowing.

2—Q was STARTED on 4chan by "Z" of the Cicada 3301 group, a secretive collective of cryptographers, essentially implementing Defangos strategy.

3—After becoming wildly popular, and after being hacked and going through turmoil on 4chan, Q was transitioned to 8chan. Defango claims that Q was HIJACKED! by an unknown entity during the transition to 8chan, and has since been operated by this new entity.

Like everything in this age of spin, let us entertain this possibility and see where it takes us, while reserving judgement, for now. The biggest question is: If Defango’s account is true, what does that mean?


Thomas makes the following assertions about the new Q, to which I posit my responses in parentheses:

—Thomas claims the new Q drops no longer have the same cryptological sophistication of the earlier drops.
(This may be true. That may help corroborate Defango’s theory of Q having been hijacked, but so what? Q is more than just a puzzle. It has become a communication channel that circumvents mainstream media. Q’s ‘breadcrumbs’ act as catalysts for self-organizing independent research, and are a focal point for many truth seekers to coalesce their attention.)

—Thomas points out that the new Q makes bold claims of being close to the president and being privy to inside information. If this were true, he must be a leaker, and would therefore be committing a felony.
(Not necessarily. The president has the ability to declassify any classified information he wants to. If Q were acting in coordination with Trump—as the vast majority of independent Q analysts believe—then this would NOT constitute a leak, but rather be following an order from the commander in chief.)

—Another possibility is that the new Q is a PSYOP using predictive linguistics, and possibly using access to photos from news wire services such as Reuters to pretend to have inside access. This PSYOP is possibly a limited hangout intended to distract Q following patriots and eventually to discredit Trump. Q is now a PSYOP meant to distract the patriots from the truth.
(If the new Q is an anti-Trump PSYOP, and limited hangout, it is doing a VERY BAD job at it. As Q continues, he has only lead to more people being turned on to the subject, and going back to read from the beginning, which no one can argue is not a helpful thing to do. Q is a snowball phenomenon: a self-organizing conspiracy (in a good way). Truthers, independent journalists, and patriots have rallied together to make a collective push for the downfall of the deep state and the mass arrests of the minions of the cabal.)

—Thomas cites evidence of this being the lack of attention some alternative media channels have paid to the revelation that the SES is the main network, the ‘Keystone’ or treasonous ‘fifth column,’ of the deep state. He claims that lack of attention to this fact by alternative media commentators is possible evidence of hidden allegiances. He questions where many of these alternative media commentators get their funding.
(This point, about the SES, is more about the various Q commentators than about Q himself. After all, it was Q that dropped a number of breadcrumbs about the SES, long before Thomas was even talking about them, as detailed in the image below.


Thomas makes a valid point here, in that the reluctance of some Q analysts to approach the subject of the SES may be a red flag, as some of these people may be agents of controlled opposition, if not SES members themselves. It must be noted, however, that this is not a valid argument against the new Q, himself, but rather against some agents reporting on Q. Q has repeatedly pointed to the ‘Keystone,’ and is largely responsible for leading us all, including Thomas, to the revelations of the deep state network that is the SES.)

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 3.09.34 AM.png

Let’s stop here and regroup. Let’s assume that Cicada 3301 did start the Q phenomenon, and it was later hijacked by another entity. What was that other entity? The vast majority of people believe it to be military intelligence, with direct coordination with Trump himself. I agree with this assessment. While it is possible that it is another entity, as long as the information being dropped is in line with the agenda of Trump, military intelligence, and the Great Awakening, what difference does it make?

Let’s assume Q started as a disclosure riddle game by a secret society of riddle geeks, and it was so successful at snowballing that it had to be commandeered by military intelligence… Is that not awesome? What’s wrong with that? Would you rather get your information from riddle geeks who encode superior riddle structure into their drops (which are so sophisticated you will probably never be able to appreciate their artful constructions), or would you rather the information come from military intelligence, in coordination with the president? I don’t know about you, but I am far happier with the idea that military intelligence stepped in and is now running the show.


This leaves us with some important questions: Why is Thomas attacking Q?

Why is Thomas using multiple names such as Q two, Q squared, etc. as a deliberate attempt to sow confusion and insinuate that the identity had been irrevocably broken into countless pieces? Even Betsy, his sharp, diligent partner and task master, calls BS every time he attempts to subtly sow the idea that there is more than one Q, or insinuate that there was more than one (1) break in the chain of custody of the account over time. This is an obvious attempt to undermine Q, using less than intellectually honest cognitive techniques, and luckily Betsy calls him on every time. He also labeled the latest Q drops ‘anti-Semitic,’ and often trails off with a tone of dismissal while detailing multiple names for Q as though there were innumerable Qs now… Why all the Jedi(Jesuit) mind tricks?

I think Thomas genuinely fears that Q is a limited hangout, a malicious PSYOP, and/or an agent of controlled opposition intended to distract patriots into hyper-analysis of breadcrumbs—often by SES paid shills—effectively throwing patriots off the trail of the torrent of real information exposing the deep state, the SES, and naming names, which Thomas and Betsy have been doing an amazing job of over at American Intelligence Media ( www.AIM4Truth.org ). I can understand their frustration at the pace of the information dropped by Q, especially in contrast with the vast amount of information the AIM ‘Conclave’ provides.

This frustration and distrust appears to have morphed into a turf war, however. Thomas acts as though he is jockeying for the Conclave and AIM to become the undisputed epicenter of the Great Awakening’s intelligence dissemination system. The thing is, the AIM Conclave is on an entirely different level than Q. I agree with Thomas that he, Betsy, and the Conclave together produce vastly greater volumes of actionable intelligence than the Q drops. I also agree that they have a valid claim to being the central distribution hub of actionable intelligence for the Great Awakening movement, and that more independent journalists would do well to link up with this hub, and spend less time divining meaning from tiny kernels of the Q drops. At the same time, however, Q does still provide an invaluable service as the public nexus of the ever snowballing self-organizing hype machine it has become. It does not help anyone to attempt to subvert this phenomenon.

Q is not providing the same service as the AIM Conclave, and should not be considered a competitor. Q operates at a level of abstraction and ambiguity that is more suitable for personal speculation and extrapolation on the front lines. AIM is far more detailed, high brow, and in depth. Thomas and Betsy are feeders of in depth information to the alt-media intelligence networks, not to mention the white hats within government with the power to not just report on, but actually ACT on the actionable intelligence provided.

Q and AIM both provide two different, unique, and vital services. It is not a competition for influence supremacy. By trying to make it a competition, however, Thomas has arguably hurt the cause with infighting. It’s nothing too serious, but it’s not helpful and it’s not a good look.

So, is Q a PSYOP? A PSYOP is a military intelligence ‘psychological operation’ to influence the hearts and minds of a population. So, YES, that appears to be exactly what Q has become. This is exactly why I follow Q. I want to know what military intelligence wants us to know. We are in a war, and it’s the military intelligence alliance vs the deep state cabal. Q and AIM remain two of the greatest tools of the alliance. So, let’s quit the infighting, and get back to fighting the good fight.


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